End-of-month data purchases

I appreciate the low cost, but what about the rather common need to buy data for a small overage JUST before the billing cycle?

several times I’m right on the one gigabyte limit, but this happens within two days of my billing cycle renewing so I have to pay $5 for a couple hundred megabytes for that weekend. (Usually a weekend)

Could a rollover be possible for the last few days, or prorate a refund, or a pro-rated discount on the next purchase?

I realize the cost is low, but perhaps there is a middle ground that could benefit some while still getting money to republic?

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Hi @figit090,

I moved your post so we can keep the Annual Plan topic mostly focused on a single topic.

Thanks for the feedback. We do not have any changes in mind for small data purchases or mini-rollovers like you’ve suggested. At $5 a GB we don’t have a lot of wiggle room for alternate options. I know that’s not an answer that adds any additional savings to your experience, but we are always looking for new ways to add value to our plans, and we appreciate that you’d take the time to make such a suggestion and try to nudge us even closer to offering your ideal plan.

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Is there anything that the community could help you with to ensure that your WiFi (both at home and work/school) is utilized to its best?

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