ENOUGH! Ready to go to FCC and my Senators and Congressman

I left a long time ago due to the difficulty in resolving issues. Now my daughter, Dawn has joined with her daughter on a Verizon account and RW refuses to recognize a valid PIN and will not allow the phone number to be transferred to Verizon. Last night, I updated the PIN just to be sure and RW still is holding her phone number hostage. She has had this number for 20 years and you have the gall to hold it ransom when a valid PIN has repeatedly been used. If you refuse to recognize a valid PIN, that is your problem and should not be hers. Transfer her phone as requested immediately!

I will not contact you again. Instead, I will go to the BBB and every available resource to bring back to you the grief you have caused us.


This is a Member/customer forum, as such none of us can ‘fix’ the problem for you. On occasion a Republic Staff will chime in, but still the only place that actions can be taken are through Opening a Ticket, however if you would review the Republic Help document linked below you will find the official guidance to help you.

Hi Robert, This is nearly always a result of the line being assigned in the customer interface. In that case you’ll either need to sign-in with the email it is assigned to and set a PIN there or you’d need to UNassign the line following the directions here: How to Un-Assign (Remove) a User – Republic Help and then it’ll use the primary account PIN.

Edited to add: I worked with Robert outside of this method and once the line was unassigned his new carrier was able to port his number as expected.


Hi @robertd.8xm9tm,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our Member Community.

Our porting process is automated, there is no manual intervention that holds numbers hostage. When something goes wrong in that automated process, we are always willing to work with the account owner to resolve the issue. We’ll be glad to do so in this case, but if you are not the account owner, we will not be able to work with you unless your daughter authorizes us to do so.

The porting team for Bandwith, the company that provides our phone number assignment, works regular Monday-Friday business hours. If we need to open a ticket with them to resolve the issue, it will be handled during weekday business hours. While not immediately available on weekends, we typically find Bandwidth’s porting specialists to be far more effective in resolving such issues than any senators and congressmen currently holding office.

Does the account owner for Dawn’s account have a help ticket open with us so we can begin to investigate the issue?


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