Erase billing numbers

how to erase billing numbers

Can you please elaborate which billing numbers you are trying to erase and to what end?


Do you mean the Calls Log?

We really need more information in order to help you with this. What do you mean by “billing numbers?” This expression is new to the Community. Does this have something to do with erasing something from you phone’s dialer history? Are you trying to erase or delete something from your Republic Wireless account?

yes call log

You can’t delete it from your account on the Republic Web site,

However you can delete them from your phone in the phone app:

  • Open Phone app
  • Click 3 dots in upper right corner (looks like “:”)
  • Select “Call history”
  • Click 3 dots in upper right corner (looks like “:”)
  • Select “Clear Call History”

All the voicemails will need to be deleted individually, as they will still show up in call logs after others have been deleted

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