Erratic battery/charging behavior

What phone do you have?
Moto G5 plus

What plan are you on?
3.0 ( I think, “Choice Plan” ? )

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I’ve been having some very strange charging/discharging behavior. Had the battery replaced with a new one about 3 weeks ago, that did not help.

  • When the indicated charge gets below about 40% - 50% it starts discharging rapidly.
  • Within 10 min or so reaches 15%
  • Then is crashes to 3-4% and shuts down
  • Plugging in the charger at 5% or so has resulted in a charge indication of 25% immediately
  • Rebooting at 25% has resulted in it coming back up at 4-5% and shutting down immediately. Then plugging in the charger and powering on after a couple min has indicated 80% charge
  • Similar results in Safe Mode. I.e. no 3rd party apps running
  • Wiped android system cache. No change
  • Tried a full software reboot (hold power button for 8-10 sec until reboots and then plug in charger) no change
  • The behavior is not consistent, doesn’t always do the same thing.

(This may or may not be related, but the two infrared LED’s on the back side on each side of the camera seem to be continuously flashing. You can only see them with another camera. They run whenever the phone is on, camera not open, screen not even on. Is this normal?? I have a video if it helps.)

I have many screenshots of the battery history, I’ll try and attach a typical one.


One other data point

  • The republic app keeps loosing authentication, asking me to buy a Republic Sim card when there is clearly one already installed. It takes 2 restarts to get it back running


It looks like the vast majority of battery usage is “apps.” When you tap on that is there an app that stands out as using an abnormally high percentage of battery?

The exclamation point in the upper left corner indicates a problem. When you open the Republic Wireless app what do you see?

No, they seem typical. The apps I use are the ones with the most usage. However, the precipitous drop near the end occurs even when the phone is idle and I’m using no apps

This is often because the Google play store is asking for permissions it doesn’t need. I’ve never enabled certain permissions and in the past it affected nothing. for many years it ran just fine, this charge problem is new, last 6 months or so.

The exclamation point in the triangle in the upper left corner appears to be generated by the Republic Wireless app.

My best guess would be that by limiting permissions you’ve got some app or several apps that keep trying to access APIs that they do not have permission to access. Some may be poorly written and crashing/restarting, discharging the battery.

This is often caused by the SIM card just not being in the slot perfectly. Simply removing it and reinserting it will often solve this issue.

louisdi, I will try that, but it only ever looses authentication when it powers off. The 2 restarts always bring it back.

As for the battery problem I’m starting to believe it is something with the State Of Charge circuit. It had the same pattern of decaying quickly after 50% last night. It started about 70%, and I let it sit overnight untouched, and it still crashed after getting down to about 50%.


@michaels.axr76c Are you still having this issue?

So I wound up getting the battery replaced twice. First battery was bad, this one is about a week old and seems to do fine for now at least.

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