Erratic Behavior

What phone do you have? moto 4
What plan are you on? 25 gig a month
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes data.

Issue Description

For a couple months, my phone has been acting erratically. After not being used for a while, when start to use it again, apps will flicker or it will freeze altogether. Sometimes apps open on their own. The camera app has opened and begun taking photo after photo like the continuous setting on a camera without my even touching the screen. If i push the on-off button and wait a few seconds, the phone stabilizes and the behavior stops but this is disturbing needless to say. I have used 11.6 gigs of 25 gigs of memory. I am thinking maybe reloading the OS will help? Running Android 7. How do I reload the OS? Tutorial? Any other ideas?


Do you have a Moto G4, or E4 or X4 ?

What you are suggesting to do is called the Factory Data Reset… see here for instructions.

Before attempting a Factory Reset you may want to try a few other things as the Factory Reset deletes all existing data on the phone including your contacts, photos,etc.

Sometimes random behavior is cleared up by

Also, if you operate your phone in Safe Mode and if it works better then that can point to one of your downloaded apps as a possible culprit.

If your issue survives a Factory Reset then you are likely looking at hardware failure.


Amiti…thx for replying. G4

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Some of the G4 phones do suffer from a well documented defect as noted in this thread.

If you are within the one year warranty you should contact Motorola directly to see if you can get an under warranty replacement.


Thx amiti…I’ll try doing the complete reset and clearing…


Amitl…Many thanks! Used Safe Mode, everything was fine so I uninstalled several apps that I don’t use anyway particularly two Nikon and Fuji camera and photo apps that had ALWAYS acted buggy along with ebay, walmart and amazon apps. The camera apps were pretty much the newer ones I had downloaded before the problems began so I surmised they might have been the ones causing the trouble. Everything fine now and I am glad I’m not looking at buying a new phone. REALLY appreciate your help!!

frank weir

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You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for reporting back your resolution, it really enriches the community when members come back and let everyone know…we can always make suggestions based on macro-trends…but it is always helpful to know how individual situations are resolved.
Good luck to you…I hope your phone continues working great for you!

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