Error message cr 32


some people trying to call me can’t get through and get a recorded cr 32 error message. why?


Are the people calling all in the same area or on the same carrier? If they are that area or carrier may have a routing issue.


US cellular is one carrier that seems to be a problem…what can be done about this?


Is my carrier sprint or verizon?


If U.S. Cellular is a common denominator, their customers will want to report the issue to them.

For purposes of solving this issue, it doesn’t matter. Our Republic numbers are neither Sprint or Verizon. They are numbers. Republic’s WiFi/cell service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of with one of two cellular partners. Verizon isn’t one of those cellular partners. Sprint is, however, depending on phone, it might be Republic’s GSM cellular network partner. Again, for solving this issue it doesn’t matter who the cellular partner is.


so what do I do about my problem?


1st have those getting the error report to their carrier (US Cellular) as most likely this is where it need to be addressed for the Fix
you can also create a help ticket with Republic and they can do what they can from their end) Republic Help


Why do I need to create another ticket for help…this is one already


If the issue is U.S. Cellular is not properly routing their customer’s calls to Republic’s network, Republic alone can’t fix it. It will take cooperation from U.S. Cellular. If the folks having difficulty calling you are all using U.S. Cellular, please ask them to also report the issue to U.S. Cellular.

You do not need to open an additional ticket for further assistance from Republic. In fact, doing so would hinder not help the process. Please know, however, that this thread is a post in Republic’s Community (where mostly customers do their best to help other customers). Tickets with Republic support are opened when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. Did you open a ticket there in addition to your post here?


this thread in the forum is not a support ticket (and I do not see where you said that you already created one if you do have a ticket then there will be no need to create one)


I did post an inquiry


By this I presume you mean you opened a ticket with staff? If I’m right about that, it’s best to continue working with staff via that ticket. This isn’t something the Community can solve. If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest you follow-up with the information that those having difficulty calling you are U.S. Cellular customers.


The error message is not one we have in our network. That means that the carrier your callers are using is not sending the calls to our network. A ticket on our side will allow us to check and validate that we never received the calls. A ticket on the caller’s end will most likely fix the issue faster.


as of now it appears that the people having trouble calling me are now able to get through.


Sounds like their carrier had an issue that they fixed.


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