Error message for SIM card


Since I received my SIM card from Republic I keep getting a invalid card - Republic message. The phone does work after I unlock the password.


Which phone do you have? Is this a SIM you purchased or one that RW support sent to you?


I have a Moto E sim card is from rw


sim card is from rw
From Republic support team? or from Republic web store?

the one from the Web Store will not work in a Moto E 2nd Gen (1st Gen doesn’t have a SIM Slot)

the one from the web store is a GSM network and can only be used on the new unlock with GSM radio 3.0 phones

the Republic Moto E 2nd Gen is a CDMA phone which the SIM will needs a SIM to be linked to the phone and only Republic support can link one to it and send it out to you