Error message Moto X..invalid number

I can only dial number once and after that it give me errort message"invalid number or code" i have to reboot phone and it does same thing over and over

The best place to start is going through the numbered troubleshooting steps in this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

nope reset phone still getting replublic then it card error and ten i cant dial out


Have you added any apps lately? Do you have the Facebook app installed? If yes delete FB and FB Messenger if you have them, reboot the phone and I suggest running FB through the Chrome browser from saved bookmarks/favorites. FB since a update has caused issues with the phones.

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i uninstalled facebook and messager still doing it… saids at top invaled card

Please open a help ticket. Make sure you mention that you have already tried deleting the facebook apps as that is the most common cause of the “No sim card” issue. You may also reference this discussion for additional context.

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