Error when assigning phone to my husband


My husband gets an Error “We’re sorry, but we don’t have record of an account associated with that email address” after I assigned him as a user for his phone. He does not get an email that he was assigned. The email was entered correctly. I already tried unassigning him and then assigning him again but that didn’t help.


Hi @erink.qy756p!

Has he checked in his spam folder to see if the email is in there?

If that doesn’t work, your husband will need to reset the password for his account. Please see the following instructions: How to Reset Republic Wireless Account Password – Republic Help . See this thread for a similar situation.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi @erink.qy756p,

This typically happens when the E-mail address is already in use. You husband may already have an account with us (even if there are not currently any phone active on it) with that E-mail address. In order for you to be able to assign that E-mail address to his phone, we’d need to first change the other account to a different E-mail address.

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