Essential Phone PH-1 from Andy Rubin


The founder of Android, Andy Rubin, just unveiled his new Android smartphone.

It’s called the “Essential Phone PH-1” and is available to preorder now for $699.

Change the title to be more specific since “Another new phone” happens every week and this is referencing a specific one.

Curious why isn't essential ph-1 not compatible with republic wireless?
Is it compatible?
Razer or Essential phone support?
Notable Newbies: Welcome!

For $699 there had better be three $100 bills taped to the back of it when you take it out of the box.


I just ordered the “Essential” Phone does anyone know if it will work on Republic


I am also interested in the answer and also…
Same question for the Google Pixel 2 due out in a few months.
thank you for any info.


Here is an article with much more detail…


We can not talk about phones that have not been announced for our service already. The only phones that work with us are the ones we have listed right now. Any new phones will be listed when after they are announced, #news or at


I have worked in “IT” for 37 years. Sure you can talk about upcoming technology. It will be here before we know it. Personally, if I were you, I would call up Google marketing and ask for 10 or 20 PIXEL-2 phones send to you now, for testing. They might hang up, but, they might say “Sure”. Have to make the call to find out. One is all you need. Just my thoughts. I do really appreciate RW and the low cost you offer…Thank You…


they can talk about anything they wish but they avoid talking about future phones until announce,
this is standard non disclose Republic signs with the OEMs
this hasn’t changes since the days of the Moto X 1st gen
The OEM usually want to be the one to make announcement or coordinate the announcement with the carriers (they may be giving a carrier an exclusive which a Republic announcement (even unofficial) may cause grief to the OEM and the OEM may pull Republic form selling it’s phones
it also a good policy as if some thing changes and they don’t get the phone it would disappoint customers who got there hopes up

if I were you, I would call up Google marketing and ask for 10 or 20 PIXEL-2 phones send to you now, for testing

Who say’s they haven’t just because they are not talking about


It has little to do with IT. It has to do with business. We do not talk about future products. Too many things can happen that would make our ability to carry a phone impossible to foretell, the technical side is only part of it. Also, manufacturers do not like carriers telling their stories before they do. We have held this position, like all other carriers, in this regard since we were founded. Others here will attest.

We test many phones, some you have heard of and most probably not. We know how to do it, but that is a small part of the process and they never hang up. Since you have been in tech a long time, you know one is not enough to test. 3 is the minimum and at least 10 is our minimum to do user trials.

Thank you!


$699 is not unreasonable for a flagship phone that’s what the Samsung S7 started for here on Republic (and both the Samsung S7 Edge and Moto Z both still sell for that price)
that price is in between the Pixel and Pixel XL

is it more than I willing to spend right now yes but I can see why some would pay for a design they like with feature they want (or think they want/need)


good points.


Marketing…giving me a headache thinking about it…lol


Interesting. I think I am still going to be partial to the Nokia “9” when it is released. I just have a feeling Nokia is going to do it right (finally!) and be the big winner this year.


The Essential Phone is only $450 right now and spec wise is on par w/ the Galaxy 8. Top notch phone at half the cost. Plus it works on Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T according to the few websites I see selling it (UMTS/HSPA+: 1, 2, 4, 5 6, 8 GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz CDMA EV-DO Rev. A: 0, 1, 10 FDD-LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 17, 20, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 66 TDD-LTE: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 TD-SCDMA: 34, 39). It also has a plain vanilla version of Android best I can tell. So there is no reason it wouldn’t work on RW. Except that it would detract from the high dollar phones RW gets special deals to carry. I hate to say it but I’m beginning to wonder if I should leave RW. I love the service and the people working there seem like good folk (from the marketing junk they publish anyways), but it seems more and more as time goes on they are falling into the same unethical ruts the big carriers are and it is becoming more and more about making money. Not that there is anything wrong with them making money but that doesn’t mean they have to treat customers as a “given”. Customer loyalty is earned not a right!


Republic does sell phones, but you can also buy phones from a third party and bring them to Republic. For whatever reason, Republic hasn’t added the phone to their BYOP lineup. If I had to make a guess, Republic didn’t see the phone as popular enough to add or there was some other technical limitation. I would also make the educated guess that Republic didn’t say, “We aren’t going to make money off that phone so let’s not add it”. If that was the case, why even have a BYOP program.


So your contention is that Republic is such a big fish that Samsung is making special deals for them to sell only their phones? I find that hard to believe.


Given that Republic sells the Alcatel A30 at $79 and the Moto E4 at $99, I doubt this is the reason. The Essential PH-1 is an intriguing phone but it’s questionable whether the market is there for it. Time will tell.


I think a large part of the story has already been told. You don’t cut the price of a phone by 33% within weeks of launch if you’re selling it in quantities that you want to sell it in. (

At the end of September estimates were that the Sprint & Unlocked version together hadn’t managed to hit 10k units:


Essential has been available at Best Buy. It is also a Sprint exclusive phone that they are currently offering special pricing on. Yes, it is overpriced, better off going with S8 quite frankly…or wait until it’s super discounted, which it will be- original offering price was $799


Yes, it is $5 per months from Sprint and the total cost will be less $200 for Sprint customers and about $300 for new Sprint customers if you sign up their service and canceled in one or two months.