Essential Phone PH-1 from Andy Rubin

Market share may not be an issue to you, but if you have 1 engineer and you can use them to vet a phone expected to sell 80 million units or one that was struggling to break 100k, where would you spend your resources?


FYI, I’m seeing messages from a user who says he is using his Essential Phone on Project Fi and so far only has problems with MMS. People who remember RW’s history will remember its travails with the same issue. BTW: Current Essential Phone prices have dipped close to a $300 minimum.

Much like at Republic, using an unauthorized phone is against the TOS and makes you subject to termination. In addition, at Fi it usually means that what you’re buying is T-Mobile service because an unsupported phone doesn’t have the ability to switch between networks. So, unless you’re using the international coverage you’re essentially over paying for the same service you could get from Republic.

This may be the death nail

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Well…that was a short lived company and product.

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There is more info to that article:

Too bad Republic does not support this phone. Its $225 now. Still a very good flagship speced phone. Even if it has a small notch.

I voted for this phone in hopes that they’d start supporting it. I’m looking for a replacement for my moto x pure. I’ve loved it, but the mic is not working. I’ve tried several things to fix it including the suggestions on RW forum. You can vote for the Essential PH-1 here

The Moto X4 Has dropped dramatically in price. I last saw it at $180 but don’t remember where.

The Essential phone is now old news/tech and the world has moved on.
It is still a realy niche device that did not sell well.
The compnay that made it is having issues and seems quite stagnant for any future development.
I highly doubt R.W. will add support for it at this late in the game.
I would rather see OnePlus devices supported.

lol I wouldn’t call releasing updates almost as fast as google does with their pixel devices stagnant. Thats a ■■■■ of a lot better than most other companies (looking at you LG). It still blows away any other under $300 phone. Superior soc and bare android (or as bare as one can be, unlike samsung with all their bloat and junk preinstalled). Republic has a woeful list of BYOD which is why I never recommend them and dissuade people from even trying them. To be seriously considered they really need to include a lot more phones/options, or rework their software to allow more phones/options.

RIP. Essential is shutting down.

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