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I will be travelling later this year to France my wife and I both use Republic plans, MotoX Pure and Moto G5Plus, and I am looking to get a SIM where I will be able to tether for my wife, she keeps her number active, I get a new number with the sim card and be able to tether data using my phone as a hot spot. Anybody have experience with getting a card, I heard some cards do not allow tethering. Orange Holiday was what I was looking at.

Should I get the card before we travel? or once I get there?

Am I correct that We still cannot forward our republic number to a google hangouts number

Check out these:

Hi @Mar-52,

Last August, I bought a Lebara SIM card once I arrived in France - at one of the Relay shops in a train station. The only reason I bought Lebara instead of Orange was that the cashier assured me Orange required some online account set-up and Lebara was just a matter of popping the SIM card in and it would work. Turned out she was mistaken and I had to set up the Lebara account online, but it was not difficult. I was also pleased with the pricing.

My travel included Bretagne, the Dordogne Valley, and Paris, and I never had any coverage worries, and was able to tether so I could use my computer.

I used the voicemail forwarding feature in the Republic app to forward my unanswered calls to Google Voice, with no issue.

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Thanks decided to go with orange and will follow up in mid september with experience

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