Evaluate Carrier Switch to Improve Coverage

I have poo-pooed this advice in the past, but I have learned better. I recently switched from GSM (T-Mobile) to CDMA (Sprint) on my phone and I have better coverage at home. It isn’t as hard as I thought and you don’t have to switch, just ask RW to evaluate the situation based on three addresses you provide. See this article:

It does seem complicated, but you have to switch SIM cards, so it can’t be done in software. Your phone has to support both GSM and CDMA and RW will send you the SIM card without cost.
Kudos to RW for being patient with me while I figured this out.


Hi @kwe,

I’d just like to add though I would not advise folks share three addresses (and specifically not a home address) with us in Community; if one is comfortable sharing a zip code (nothing more), several of us who participate here are also capable of assessing coverage.

I did this as well in the area I live in, Central NY. I had RW for about 5 years on CDMA, bought a new phone and tried the GSM network, but it quickly became apparent that the coverage was not as good, so I switched back to CDMA. And yes, RW was good enough to send the CDMA Sim free of charge.


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