Evaluating phone, provider, and smart watch

I’ve used Republic Wireless for 1-1/2 years with a Moto g7. I also have a FitBit Charge 3. After buying, I learned about Republic Wireless not working on apps like Venmo due to the VOIP number. Plus, Fitbit doesn’t sync properly with my g7, so I’m losing a lot of its capabilities.

My phone has been slowing down and not holding a charge, and my Fitbit just died. So, I’m evaluating all these things.

I understand I’d have to leave Republic Wireless about the VOIP Venmo issue, but I’m not sure what other ‘discount’ plans don’t have the same issue?

If I buy a new phone with Republic Wireless, I’m not sure which one to get… any suggestions on what’s good right now? (hopefully it’s not only the really expensive ones, but I’d like to hear all feedback.)

I’m considering either replacing my Fitbit Charge 3 with a Charge 4 but assume I’d have to same issues. So, I started looking at Garmin watches. Anyone know if the Garmin app has the same issues with these phones? Neither Fitbit nor Garmin list these phones as an issue, but I know my track record isn’t good with it, so I don’t want to pay extra for a Garmin for it not to sync well.

Thanks for all tips on any changes you would suggest in these areas.

Hi @tx96heather. FitBit should work just fine with most Android phones. I’ve synced FitBit with a Moto X, Moto G5, Nexus 5, and Pixel 3 without any problems. I’m surprised it doesn’t sync properly with your G7 and that’s something you may want to troubleshoot if you’re interested in continuing to use FitBit.

For a new phone, is there a price range or features that you’re looking for? Personally, I think the Pixel line is great.

As far as Venmo, most other ‘discount’ providers won’t have the same issue. It’s related to the fact that Republic Wireless numbers use a unique bonded calling technology and the FCC marks them as VOIP numbers instead of cellular numbers.

Thanks! I was hoping to just make my g7 last as long as possible, but since it’s showing its age I was wondering if I should consider an upgrade. Maybe I need to contact RW support to see if there are any tips to improving it… the battery is just going so much faster, and I always keep all the things they recommend turned off, but it’s gotten significantly worse in recent months.

FitBit used to advertise not working with the g7 (or at least I found it on some FitBit app list), which I can’t find anymore, so I wasn’t sure if there was a change there. Mine will work for awhile then stop. And then it takes me hours to get it working again, so I usually don’t even try.

I only want to pay for something that will really be worth the improvement. If it’s significantly better, I’d go with an expensive model. But my past experience with those phones years back still had them failing in a couple years, so why pay $700 when a $150-$300 phone will last just as long? It’s a bang for the buck thing more than a required budget. That said, I was wondering why the Pixel 4a was so much less than the other Pixel phones? And when I researched the Pixel when I bought the g7, people seemed to not like it… has it improved?

Thank you!

Also, I have a trip planned to Italy (postponed now but still one day) and that’s when I learned about RW limitations internationally. I started looking at Mint Mobile. Not sure if that’s a shift I should do, but if I am going to make a move, seems like it makes sense before I buy another phone. From what I can tell, Mint Mobile doesn’t use VOIP.

I’m currently paid on the RW annual plan through April, so I guess I could just keep going with what I’m doing until then. Just wanting to buy a smart watch this month and wasn’t sure on the phone to choose if one is better with certain watch brand apps.

How long have you had your G7? At some point, batteries do wear out. Members of this forum can provide you with some great tips.

I don’t think it’s worth the money to buy the flagship model, but some people do. I have always stuck to mid-line models and decided to try the Pixel 3, but the Pixel 3a would have been half the price and still meet my needs. Now I know for next time.

The FitBit supported phones list is a bit out of date. A lot of newer phones will probably work, but they won’t say until they’ve had a chance to test. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Garmin compatibility.

I hope you have a great trip once you get to go!

I got it when it first came out… maybe March or April 2019 when I switched to RW, I think. I’ve never understood phone batteries, and how long I should expect them to last. Since I’m home most of the time now, I just charge it a few times a day. But depending what I’m doing on it, it just seems to go down fast. But to be honest, I’m not 100% sure all that goes into it, and it might be really still doing what should be expected of it. I just seem to notice it going down faster, even when it’s just sitting there doing nothing (and no apps show running, mobile off, bluetooth off). BTW I started leaving mobile off by default because I had a wifi connection for awhile that kept dropping and I didn’t want surprises on my data plan.

I’m not sure why you would have this issue. My wife has a Charge 3 synced with a G7 without issue. I have a Fossil sport, and a Ticwatch GTX syned with a Moto G Stylus, again no issue. I really don’t think there’s any known or inherent problem with the G7 and your fitbit.

I think they don’t because there really isn’t a systemic issue. It should have worked fine and we’d need to troubleshoot and understand more details to figure out why it wasn’t.

I’m a huge fan of the price/value ratio of the Google Pixel line. I think the Pixel 4a/4a XL are some of the best and best value phones around right now.

At only $349 I think it is hard to beat the new Pixel 4a. A near flagship phone at a mid level price. Just my opinion, of course, but having had the original Pixel, a Pixel 2 XL, and now a Pixel 4 XL, I’m a huge fan of the Pixel phones.

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