Every call I make goes to the same number

What phone do you have? Moto G Power

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? I believe it includes data

Issue Description

Today, every time I try to call someone, the call goes through to a company called “Claro”. Never hear of them before, they seem to be a cellular phone company? I’ve tried on wifi and cellular, tried several numbers, any number I call, when the call goes through it is a recording, “Welcome to Claro”. No idea why this is happening or how to stop it.

Never mind, I got some help and this is solved. Apparently, the expiration date on my credit card needed to be updated, so Republic Wireless decided that forwarding all of my outgoing calls to some random business would be the way to let me know. Doesn’t matter that my bill for this month was $0.00. I guess I should have known! Somehow?

Hi @daveb.44hsqi,

The forwarding of calls is actually something the underlying partner-carrier is doing, not our choice. The situation on your account is a little more complex than a credit card expiration date, for which we do send out several E-mail warnings, but I see our agents have now followed up with you again in your ticket and escalated the matter to the correct team.

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They escalated it, and then completely ignored me after I sent them proof that I was double billed last month. I did a chargeback on one of the charges. I never received anything from Republic Wireless about this, didn’t know there was a problem until I suddenly couldn’t make or receive calls today. I’ve spend the last few hours reporting Republic Wireless to every consumer site I can find, and will continue until I get an answer from them.

Thanks, @daveb.44hsqi,

The billing team works regular business hours, and there was a late-afternoon obligatory meeting that tied the team up. You’re not being ignored; any chargeback needs to be researched and resolved. They will be in touch with you tomorrow.

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