Every call saves as a favorite automatically


How do I stop dialed numbers from saving to my favorites?

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I’m not sure what you mean by favorites. I’m guessing you’re referring to Speed Dial, and I’m not able to find any setting that directly affects what is displayed there. Perhaps the engineers who develop Android will someday make that page more customize friendly.


Are you sure they are being saved as favorites? Favorites will have a star next to the name. Other entries in the Favorites tab of the phone app can be Frequents. Frequents are just what they sound like, numbers to/from which you make/receive calls frequently. They can be cleared by hitting the menu button in the app and selecting “Clear frequents”.

I don’t know the criteria for a Contact to become a Frequent. Google has some Phone app help documentation, but it’s not very good:



Hi @Mjstarrett22,

The only criteria seems to be is just being one of your contacts. Once dialed once or a call received it becomes a frequent. Tested and confirmed.

It’s a dumb android annoyance for many that has been with us for several years with no solution. Android needs should add a real favorites only page.

You can also remove individual number tiles by touch/hold until x remove appears above them the drag it up.



Indeed the first tab of the stock Google Dialer is labeled “Favorites” .
But it is pretty much your most frequently called contacts that show up there.
Even if “frequent” is just one call…it seems.


Interesting. On my Favorites tab it shows my two Favorites and only one Frequent that calls…frequently. I’ve made and received calls to/from other contacts that don’t show as Frequents, though not within a couple weeks. Perhaps they drop out of Frequents based on a time factor. I find the feature useful.


Tested by adding new contact and calling once.

What phone and Android version are you using? What’s your secret? All four of my 3.0 Motos and my G3 add the contact numbers to the Favorites tab/page. Thanks.



Google Pixel, Android 8.1.0.

I don’t know, I guess I just like how it works.

Yes, mine seems to add to Frequents upon calling, but it must drop off after some period of time. Otherwise I would have a lot more Frequents.


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