Excellent customer service

Thankyou to republic wireless customer service for helping me get a problem with my daughters phone figured out. Her Christmas present was a moto g7 and everything worked fine on wifi, however she could not do anything over cell. There was a problem that happened with the first phone and so a replacement was sent. Unfortunately the replacement phone did not work correctly over cell either. The tech stayed on the phone with me, gave me all the steps to take and nothing helped. He consulted other techs and no one had anything else to offer. Finally he came up with another plan to do a complete factory reset and then activate only certain things leaving most apps off. This took a long time as the wifi connection was not the greatest, but he hung in there until it was all complete. The best news is that it worked! I really wish I could remember his name, but hope he sees this here.


Hi @elainek.lkp2dk,

Thanks for taking the time to let us know of your experience. Our Help Team doesn’t typically spend time browsing Community, but I’ll make sure Ryan and his managers (!) see your very kind note.

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