Excessive data usage


Why does my Nexus 6P phone continue to use up my data while connected to WiFi?


Hi @morrist.rjfrgc,

Could you tell us more? Which app seems to be using data while you’re on Wi-Fi?


Also if you could note What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help shown during or after the data depletion event it may help


The app that uses my data is YouTube. The connectivity status is a solid white bar. This is the only status I ever get. Thanks for your help.


If my memory serves me right there have been occasions with YouTube app where a user was on WiFi, but the app was eating cell in the background … however sometimes, I forget, that I can’t remember everything.
You may want to see if the app allows turning off the background data, or just forego the app and use it in Chrome

  • Not a YT user so others please feel free to chime in


I disabled mobile data. So far this seems to correct the problem. Thanks your help.


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