Exclusive: U.S. Justice Department probes T-Mobile-Sprint merger



I have read that. I am not that naive anymore. I do not think the merger would hurt consumers more than it would hurt ATT/Verizon’s shareholder’s bottom line.

Just my take/opinion.


Conventional thinking is that less competition improves the bottom line for all competitors, not the other way around.


That would result in a debate itself. I dealt with ATT for many years, they do not fit the definition of “Normal” in my experience…save for the glorification of big business.




Not sure I understand. RW uses Sprint/Tmo, and that is whom I sign with. There is no reason I can think of why ATT/V would like this merger. And no reason I can think of why we would not like the merger.

Just say’in :relaxed:


All three of the articles I linked to provide the reasons why AT&T and Verizon like this merger.


My goodness, you are of a contentious sort. There are theories and there is reason. At the end of the day, those links do not resolve my budget/usage requirements. Way over my head, I’m just here for the best price/service we consumers can purchase…I don’t trust the media experts anymore.

RW still rocks for me. :heart_eyes: