Existing customer / New Plan

I have been an RW customer for years and already have a phone.
Can I enroll in one of the new plans?
Specifically the Everything You Want plan.
The new plans don’t show up in Manage My Plan on my phone.
I see this error message if I try to purchase online and I don’t know how to fix it.
This additional line needs to be on the same plan as your current line. Please change the plan in the cart to proceed.

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@robertm.eiogw9 I just ordered a new plan with a new account at RepublicWireless.com. By the way, I did get an e-mail saying that my sim card is on backorder, but my order will be shipped as soon as that’s resolved.

I did the same, but ordered it on my current account early this morning before I saw any instructions to do otherwise. I got the same message that the SIM cards are on backorder. I also received a mysterious charge for the new plan that looks like a partial month. I put a ticket in to find out what’s going on, but haven’t received an answer. The purchase(s) are listed with all of my other RW plan purchases.

That’s nice that you were able to order it on your current account. I tried to do that in the morning, but it didn’t work for me, so I created a new account in the afternoon to purchase the new plan.

Okay, based on this statement below, the sim cards probably aren’t on backorder:

I got charged by Republic Wireless for my purchase of a new plan, and apparently so did you.

I think this may be another indication that the sim cards really aren’t on backorder because our cards were charged.

The backorder and out of stock status of various items at Republic’s online store is erroneous. It’s being investigated and a fix sooner rather than later is the expectation.

That said, @davidw, am I understanding correctly you were able to order new plans (SIMs) from your current Republic account? You did not set up a new account to do so?

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Just out of curiosity, what are they charging for new SIM cards and shipping?

$0.00 for the SIM. One buys the plan they want. The plan is attached to the SIM. At this early stage the only available shipping method is via the USPS at a flat rate of $4.00 (for phones too).



This was my bill: $22.68 for my sim card & plan. That included shipping, too. @rolandh, I wasn’t charged $4.00 for shipping. On my choice, my bill is $25.79.

Thanks @rolandh. They will hopefully come up with a more reliable shipper than USPS. I get a daily email showing mail I’m supposed to get that day, but never receive most of it.

I’m confident there will be additional shipping options in the due course of time. I do expect some members, however, to be pleased with a lower cost shipping option for phones.

Roland, yes that’s what I did prior to learning that a separate account was needed. The two December 14 entries were for the “Everything You Want” plan.

Hi @davidw, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you on this today. I think you’ll need to open a Help Ticket so someone can take a look at your account and we can figure out what to do. I don’t believe this is going to be something the Community can help with.

Yes, I opened a help ticket this morning and am awaiting a response.
ticket number is (#2189067)

You might merge this topic with the other similar topic name as I thought that was the more appropriate spot to post.

Have a few questions in regards to converting (specifically to the 2 line $60 plan):

Wife and I are on two different accounts because I signed up initially years back and then the wife joined in later. So, it seems this would entail creating a new account and then adding her on?

Now, previously (maybe still now, I don’t know) support and forums were all linked together with our account.

  1. So, if I do that, then all my history (help requests, forum posts) would be stuck on this one? Or is there some conversion process? (I did see someone was able to order on their existing account.)

  2. If my wife needs support when I’m not around, is she able to request it? I almost wrote putting in a trouble ticket, but I briefly forgot we can now call in if desired. It’s unclear how the support is going to work on that.)

Now to further muddy things up, our teenage is under my account currently. He doesn’t need data. The phone is for him to be able to have communications when he is not at home (at school, at church, at an event, etc.).

Finally, I may have missed the answer (I saw somebody asked) on the Main Annoucement, but upon signing up, are we credited our My Choice payment to it? I just got billed a few days ago and then it seems like I’m paying again for the new service?

TIA, Yav

If you have some urgent need to get this taken care of immediately, yes. In the coming weeks we will release a systems update that allows current members to upgrade without creating a new account. In that case, she could upgrade, move you to her account, and your son could stay on the legacy account.

You sign into Community, Help Center, and the Account portal with the same account, yes.

Yes. You’d be creating a new account for all three.

By law we cannot provide any account-related information to anyone other than the account holder as listed on the account. We can provide general how-to information about using a phone or using our website.

I’m not seeing a question in the “muddy” part about your son.

You will receive a prorated credit on the new account before your next billing cycle date.

2 Items:

In regards to wife, I just mean if she needs technical support. I’m the techie here. :slight_smile:

In regards to son, what I wanted to do was use my account as the primary account so I could oversee both mine and my wife’s lines and then have son on MyChoice by himself (I have another e-mail I can use.)

I’m guessing I’ll probably have to put in a support ticket to assist with this though.

There’s no immediate need. I’m just in “research” mode right now trying to see how things are being put together. There’s no 'early adopter/converter" incentive, so we’ll probably let things settle down into next month. Unlimited data would be nice so we don’t have to worry about adding data but not a necessity.


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I’m in the same boat with David W. I actually called RW this morning and a customer service representative walked me through the process and instructed me to order the new plan on my existing account. I logged into my account, added the $30 Only What You Need plan for 2 (saving me about $10/month…I currently have 2 lines on MyChoice 1GB data), selected that I had two existing phones, paid with my credit card, and now it appears I will have my new plan on my existing account. The charges in my account even reflect the pro-rated discount for the month of December. Did I do something wrong?

I’m reasonably positive that we’ll wait until my annual plan is up in mid-May before switching over to the Only What You Need plan. This seems similar to what we currently have, at about the same price. I am grateful for all the early adopters taking this on a shake-down cruise. Thanks for your hard work and patience on our behalf, @southpaw.


No support ticket is needed, and they can’t move lines around to different accounts.
You would need to move your line off your account and activate it as a line on your wife’s account. Then they’d be together on one account. Put your name on the account if you want to be the account owner.

That would leave your son’s My Choince line on an account by itself.

If you want your preferred e-mail address on the you+wife account and something else on the son’s account, change the e-mail address on the son’s account to something new, then change the e-mail address on the you+wife account to that preferred e-mail address.

Glad you’re taking your time to figure it all out!!