Existing Ph # without closing account with current carrier?

New RW user and this is my first post so bear with me.

A friend told me about RW and how awesome it worked for him (when he was travelling abroad; allowing him to make/receive calls on his existing phone #). So I signed up with RW bringing my own Nexus 6p and confused now because I have been given a new phone # by RW.

Was under impression my existing phone # is going to work but seems like I have to transfer my existing number from T-Mobile to RW. Can someone please help me understand how I can use existing carrier while in the US and RW while abroad keeping same phone number always?

Since I do business I have to be connected to my customers all the times using exact same phone number that they have. Thanks!

Hi @ebrain!

So you want to keep your old number with T-Mobile but use that number with your Republic phone? In order to use your old phone number with Republic, you will need to port the number from T-Mobile. When you port your number, your TMobile account will be closed automatically. I hope that helps!


Hi @ebrain

Most, but not all, numbers can be transferred to Republic Wireless. You can check to see if your number will transfer by entering it at this site:


If your number will transfer, here is a link to the instructions:

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Hi @ebrain,

Our phone service is not a service you can merge with your existing carrier in order to have international calling. While our service will work on Wi-Fi to call US and Canadian numbers, we offer neither international cellular roaming nor calls to international numbers.


Sorry I misunderstood entire model and apologies for not doing my research better. I’ll cancel and use T-Mobile WiFi calling then. Appreciate quick replies from everyone. Hope RW someday adds this feature focusing on International clientele as well. Regards


Is it possible to just forward your calls to the RW number when you are traveling out of the country?

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