Expandable memory/ more apps wanted

when a phone says expandable to 512 GB can extra apps be downloaded to that memory? my current phone won’t allow anymore apps. so what do i do?

Hi @richardschlosser,

You didn’t mention which phone you have, so it’s possible my answer doesn’t apply to your phone.

There are two ways to add memory to most phones.

One way is simply to install an SD card and have it available as external memory for things like photos, videos, music, downloads, and any apps that the developer allows to be moved to the memory card.

Most apps are not designed to be moved to external storage.

A second option exists where you can format the SD card to serve as internal memory. This lets the phone pretend that it has all that extra space on the SD card as part of the phone’s memory, and apps can be moved to the SD card this way. The catch here is important to understand. If the SD card fails (and SD card failures are not uncommon), the phone now thinks part of its internal memory has failed, and it will not be able to function. The only solution is a factory reset of the phone, which wipes everything off of it.

If you’re willing to do frequent backups of the important content on your phone so that a factory reset is not a major event for you, then formatting the SD card as internal storage may be a good option for you. Otherwise, simply using the SD card as external storage may free up enough space to allow a few more apps onto your phone. Have you looked to see what is consuming most of your existing storage?

If you don’t have your heart set on adding a 512 GB SD card to your phone, I would be glad to send you a 64 GB SD card at no cost, as a way of thanking for your posting your question in our Member Community.


Well like you said I would still have to format it to add apps.
then if it crashed I would be ■■■■■■■. it seems that it the apps using my internal memory.
I have moved what I can to the SD card. Solution would be a different phone with more internal memory?
So I can add apps. that I want on the phone.

Which phone do you currently have, and how much internal memory does it have?

I ask because for some phones, like the Moto E1 or Moto G1, the answer is going to be that a new phone is the best route. Those older phones barely have enough memory to support updates to the pre-installed apps at this point.

But it’s a little more surprising to hear of such issues on a much newer phone. I’m wondering if there’s an app that’s consuming more data that it ought to. Sometimes, for example, we get a report that the Republic App is using 10GB of memory. That is a clear red flag that some process has gone awry and it’s time to reboot the phone and clear the app’s cache.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your phone’s storage usage? I’m wondering if there are apps using a lot of data that may allow the stored data to be moved to external memory.

I have a moto G fast its a few years old. and I dont know how to screen shot

Hi @richardschlosser,

See if this helps you with a screen shot.
It looks like there are a couple of ways to do it:

Take a screenshot - moto g fast

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