Experience with RW 3.0? Group texts and photos


My wife and I both have Moto X (2nd gen) and she’s on RW 2.0 and I’m on 1.0. We are considering moving to RW 3.0 and buying Samsung phones. Two issues we’ve had since beginning RW are that group text messages and sending photos via text messages are unreliable.

My question: Have these issues been resolved in RW 3.0?

I’d appreciate any feedback!

Hi @matthewh.j9q85c,

Sorry no one has taken a shot at this. My experience with MMS (picture and group messaging) has been stellar on Republic 3.0. That said, I largely didn’t have issues with either on 1.0 or 2.0.

3.0 does use an IP data (Internet) connection at all times for SMS and MMS delivery. There is no additional charge beyond monthly plan fees for this data (it works even on plans with no cell data). 1.0 and 2.0 would fallback to legacy cellular network delivery when away from WiFi.

I have not had issues with group texts or sending pictures. The biggest thing you need to know using the android messages (new name for google messenger) for group texts and pictures they come accross ad MMS (multimedia) where as just normal text is SMS (simple media). There is a setting in android messages under advanced for Auto-download MMS and Auto-download MMS when roaming. These need to be turned on or you will get a text asking you to hit a button to download. if you have these on the message with download automatically when it comes in. Having this on helps with group texts.

Also on 3.0 republic wireless just improved texting reliability with giving permission to the republic wireless app to see text messages. if the message doesn’t send you see an alert where the republic wireless arc normally is. that way you know you have a failed message. i have only had this happen once since they upgraded the republic wireless app.

Two weeks ago I changed my handset and plan from a Moto G4 with the 2.0 plan to a Moto Z Play with the 3.0 plan. I too had MMS issues with the old setup. In two weeks with the new setup, I’ve sent and received 100’s of MMS messages without an issue on both Wifi and Cell.

It made my life a little bit easier and family members in my MMS group happier too.

We signed up with RW a few months ago. We had MMS (which includes group messaging) issues at first, but then learned there are some additional provisioning things that just take more time before all that works perfectly. So although our phones were working, it took another week (I think it was a week) before the MMS issues went away. No issues that we are aware of since.

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