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Hi Davee, I’m dealing with the many of the SAME ISSUES!!! My dad put me on this account as 2 of us and his info is all mixed up in my phone and my contacts, etc. Plus texting is HUGE issue, as in, it doesn’t work half the time!! To make matters worse, I’m typing my complaints onto a SCREEN instead of dealing directly with a person!! UGH!! This is by far the worst cell phone experience EVER!! Who cares how cheap they are, they AREN’T GIVING ADEQUATE SERVICE!!

If both phones use the same Google account (Gmail) then they will share the same data that Google manages, the solution there is to add a different Gmail account in the settings and remove the one shared

I found lots of SMS/MMS issues have been fixed by using the Republic anywhere texting app


Totally agree. If having to manually type it can waste so much time compared to a conversation. Texting the same.

If available using voice to type may ease the pain and can make entry time shorter.

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That’s not a solution.

I can’t expect all my friends and family to download some “Special texting app” just to communicate with just me. That’s just ridiculous!! I think this RW is some scam, after all, there’s a section on their website called, “Nothing but trouble”, really??!? Hello, catch a clue, this RW isn’t all it’s made out to be. I’m just so disappointed that is really happening.

Hey drm186, I did set up my own Google gmail. Which I’ve had for years, so not anything new on doing that step on the phone. The RW constantly defaults my phone back to my dad’s gmail account. It’s awful!! How can I have a phone I bought from RW and the company can’t figure out how to separate these 2 COMPLETELY different phone numbers??

My dad and I cancelled AT&T to move to RW. Is that the issue? Is AT&T past information causing these glitches??

Republic does not control what Google accounts are set up in the phone, I would go and make sure that your father’s Google account is removed from your phone [settings–>accountant>Google]

The republic anywhere replaced the texting app on your phone [others do not need it on theirs]


Nothing wrong with Republic. Set your phone on one account of your own not shared with Dad, delete your dad’s account from your phone! The phones have 2 seperate Phone numbers, Correct??
The account will still be on your dad’s phone & Phone number unharmed.
I have had Republic phones for 6 years and even my wife can use one after I set it up correctly separated from my phone. No Problems! And yes the Anywhere app is pretty good and you can also text from your PC, Laptop Ipad, tablet. Pretty cool huh. well I think so.

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Hi @davidw.t78j2a,

I’ve moved your topic to its own thread because it was not relevant to the topic in which it originated.

It sounds like you have some issues going on that could easily be corrected, but you need help getting help. Our Community is a good source of help.

You mentioned your and your dad’s contacts are all mixed up. That will happen if you put one Google Account on both phones, because Google syncs the contacts from the phone to their servers. Please let us know if you need step-by-step instructions to remove the Google account from one of the phones and set up a unique Google account for backing up contacts, photos, and other personal content.

If texting fails half the time, we’d like to know more about what texting app you’re using, and perhaps explore the possibility of poor coverage in your area. Does it fail on Wi-Fi, cell or both?

Our support model is for online support, but please understand that our agents are very much “real people.” If troubleshooting by support ticket isn’t working for you, let them know you’d prefer to troubleshoot by phone, and when warranted, they’ll arrange for you to call in.

We’d like to provide the service you expect, please let us know what else we can do to help you solve the issues you are experiencing.

We’re not a scam. If we were a scam, and a member started a thread called, “Nothing but trouble,” we’d delete the thread right away and replace it with a thread called, “Sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns: Gee isn’t service dandy?” We’re legit, we’ve been providing cellular service for hundreds of thousands of members for 6 years. We offer this forum as a way to allow our members to troubleshoot with one another, because so many “issues” people experience are simply a matter of needing to change a setting on the phone. Letting members help members frees up support staff time for the issues that require back-end adjustments and staff intervention.

Give us details about the issues you are having, and we’ll work with you to try to resolve them.

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