Explain Data Freeze feature please


My phone is a Moto Z Play.
When I enable data freeze in the Republic app I do not see the key icon in the upper rt corner. Does that mean I have not enabled the data freeze tool correctly ? Prior to data freeze being available I used NetGuard app to restrict cellular data use . NetGuard’s icon always appeared.
I posted this question on Republic’s facebook page with only one vague non applicable reply.


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Hi @billr.x9jrzf,

Assuming you have data enabled in phone settings. You should see the key icon if you disable WiFi with Data Freeze enabled. If not first During initial use of the freeze you should see the RW connection request and OK it the first time you enabled Data Freeze? How to Apply Data Freeze in the My Choice (4.0) plan – Republic Help If still having issues you may want to uninstall or disable and reinstall the RW app and try again.


It worked exactly as you suggested.
However, I do not understand why Wi-Fi must be disabled. What does cellular data have to do with Wi-Fi?

Pardon my ignorance.


When wifi is enabled and connected, cellular data is disabled. There is nothing to “freeze”. Once wifi disconnects or is turned off, then cellular data is used and the “freeze” feature, which only controls cellular data, comes in to play.


Actually not it at all. The icon is a system icon letting the user know a VPN (in this case a local/on phone VPN) is active. It’s not Republic’s icon, nor do they control it. It comes up when a VPN (any VPN) is active.


Thank you.
I do want to have access to cellular data away from home wi-fi . NetGuard allows me to disable individual apps like Facebook, Youtube etc.

I’ll stick with it’s free app until I better understand “data freeze” and it’s uses.

Thanks again for your reply.


Data Freeze is a master on/off switch. For individual apps you would need to continue to use NetGuard or an alternative. I personally use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netspark.firewall


Thank you Louisd for your reply. I will preview Mobiwol.


fyi: You will find that Mobiwol uses the same local VPN methodology as Republic, they do however provide the ability to limit things on an app by app basis, as well increased granularity by providing block of WiF, Cell and foreground/background data


Thank you I’m giving Mobiwol a try.