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For a few weeks now the Republic Wireless App has been requesting I turn on “Unrestricted Data Usage” when Data Saver is on. Why is the App so insistent? What are the benefits and drawbacks of turning on Unrestricted data usage.


If the App doesn’t have access to data, the phone won’t work properly. Texts will fail to send and receive and calls may fail to properly dial.


I’ve never taken a dive into how Android & Republic software work. So you’re telling me that the Republic App provides basic phone handling services for my Pixel? I would have thought that would be in a basic service of Android?


That’s correct. Republic isn’t your “average” cellular provider and the Republic App acts as an intermediary between your phone and the Republic systems.

Do note that any data used by the Republic App does NOT come from the data you’re purchased.


just remember Republic is a Hybrid VOIP(WiFi first)/Cell (backup) provider.
when making a call
On WiFi the phone connects to the Republic servers of the WiFi data channel and makes a call (it may also send some voice packets via cell data in case the WiFi is of lower quality)
On Cell the phone actually calls a Republic server which uses routing info (that was sent over data channel) to route the call, (any data used here is controlled by the Republic app and is not counted towards your data tier )
when receiving a call the phone looks to see if you phone is on WiFi and if it is it uses the data channel to ring and connect the call if the Republic servers can not see your phone then it forwards the call to your underlying carrier number which then rings your phone.

also note all 3.0 Text are IP base which means they need a data channel to send and receive texts (this data is managed by the Republic app and is not counted towards the data tier your purchased

TL/DR : Cell/Mobile Data and Roaming Data needs to be left on in the Android settings
Cell/Mobile data can be turn off for all other apps via the Republic App Setting
there no user accessible Roaming data on 3.0
3rd party VPN type apps can give more control to what apps may access data

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