Explanation of the arc icon


New subscriber here. Please explain (or direct me to the answer) between a solid arc icon and a hollow arc icon. Thank you kindly.


Hi @rhilgart

Here is a similar thread in the forum. Why is my arc hollow?

Basically, a hollow arc means you are connect to WiFi but something about the connection is unstable or unusable.

We can help you troubleshoot if this issue is causing you problems.


No problem. Just getting comfortable with the carrier. So, what sort of icon shows when I am connected to towers? While I’m thinking of it, is there a way to disable having to enter a passcode when I listen to voicemails? Thank you in advance.



Honestly, I’m almost sure I’ve set a voicemail password, but I never use it. I use what they call Visual Voicemail. The password is for when you call into the voicemail server, VV just notifies me I have a voicemail on my device itself.

Depending on your phone, my Moto’s dialer app actually has a Voicemail tab… :voicemail:

[Dialer (phone icon) -> :voicemail: tab] …no passcode needed. :relaxed:

Again, on my Moto the WiFi strength indicator is the cone shaped icon and the Cellular strength indicator looks like a triangular bar graph, olcated in the top-right notification area. (cannot find emoji for those, but I will request they be added).

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any and all inquiries/question you may encounter.


I don’t believe Republic’s updated documentation covers visual voicemail any longer, however, there is this:


Thanks @rolandh

For the life of me,I cannot figure out why I find it so hard to find that link. The RW arc is unique, so a simple document describing it should be mandatory. :confused:

(kudos to @amitl for the article/post)


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