Explanation of usage of GB of data

I have a new plan, My Choice + 2GB data. I have two questions.

  1. Are these GB roll over my cycle or at the beginning of the new monthly cycle I’ll have exactly 2 GB of data?
  2. What happens if I exceed my capacity: abrupt stoppage of service or some kind of slowing down, warnings etc.?

Unused data is lost at the end of the month. Each cycle you’ll start with the 2GB

When you hit your limit, data will simply stop.

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And you can , if needed, buy a one time addition of 1GB for $5 which will also expire on your next billing cycle.

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Thank you. Very clear and fast response.

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Thank you.

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I should have mentioned that you receive several warnings as you use your data so you’ll never be surprised about your data usage.

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You may also find that with using wifi most of the time that you don’t really use anywhere near 2GB a month. I rarely exceed 150MB. If that is your case you could save even more by changing your plan to the 1GB plan and then if needed in any particular month just add a one shot additional 1GB.


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