Extend Home adapter lights, should they blink?

Is it normal for 1 or 2 lights on adapter to flash, go off, come back on, etc

Hi @florencef.331664 and welcome to the Member Community. Here’s a link to a FAQ for the Extend Home. It has some information about use and light indications on the adapter.

See if this helps. If not come back with a little more detail about which lights and we’ll try and address the issue.

The phone light will blink slowly if you have voicemail and will blink rapidly if your phone is off hook.


Power LED - The Power LED lights up when the Extend Home adapter is powered on and it flashes when the adapter is booting up. Should be on with no flashing in normal operation.

Internet LED - The Internet LED lights up when the adapter is connected to your network through the Ethernet port and it flashes when there is data being sent or received.

@seanr covered the Phone LED :smile:

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