Extend Home and getting voice mails

Just read the the thread on Extend Home and V/M retrieval and was not able to figure if this is doable or not. I just want to be able to pick up my desk top phone that is an extension of my cell using the Extend Home voip adapter and get my voice mails (desk-top phone does alert me to the voice mail existing). I just want my voice mail and not another phone tied to Republic, is this doable?

Hi @stevek,

Republic’s Extend Home adapter shares its number and, therefore, it’s voicemail box with an eligible (anything but a Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) Republic compatible phone using a My Choice plan. Voicemail may be retrieved from either the Republic cell phone or handsets connected to the adapter.

Much more about Republic’s Extend Home adapter is linked here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter - Tips & Tricks - Member Community.

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I just make it then, as I have the G4. Thanks, I will check out the instructions for using the pIn, as I do not have to enter a pin on my cell handset.

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