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Does anyone know when the Extend Home kits will be available again? I did not see an option to notify me when they are in stock again.

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Hi @marke.yzpsnd,

I’m sorry, we don’t have a replenishment date available at this time.

I am a new customer, just ordered a phone and tried to order Extend Home Kit for Home Phone Service but it said out of stock, will you be getting more of these in, this is why I want your service. One number for home and cell. Please let me know

At this point we don’t have any information as to when they’ll be back in stock.

I am confused. You state it’s free with one type of service. I buy the phone and that service and then I can’t order the extend phone. That’s close to false advertising, is it not? You can’t make a statement, lure people into buy something, you buy it and then you don’t deliver, that’s just wrong!

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I do think Republic has some obligation to state whether it is a temporarily out of stock or permanent. With no info being given, it is only natural for potential customers to speculate.

How do I know that Republic Wireless would activate a 3rd party selling an “open box”? Does this require a sim kit in order to activate or is it strictly VOIP? Can you add more than one extend home kit to an account?

It is one republic phone (phone number) for each EH kit. You can have multiple EH kits per account since you can have more than one phone per account, but it is strickly one for one pairing. No additional expenses since it is tied to a specific rw phone on the account.

Thanks for that explanation, I appreciate it.

Will Republic activate an Extend Home Kit from eBay?

I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t, but I’ll defer that question to one of the experts

Thanks, I thought you might know since you referenced eBay as a possible solution.

As long as it is a Republic Extend Home kit and not a generic grandstream box and has been properly disassociated from the previous account, then yes, it could be reactivated.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Yep-- that feature was a deal-maker for me, too. I’d like to know if they are planning on “no longer supporting” or discontinuing it.

It would be nice to hear from Republic Wireless on this issue. I was sure I wasn’t the only one out there waiting on a response.

We have heard from Republic. The second post in this thread is from a Republic employee:

As unsatisfying as the answer may be, there is no word on the Extend Home adapter being restocked. When that changes, I’m confident Republic will update us.

I don’t call that an answer. Either they are going to sell them or not, how hard is that for them to answer.

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I fully appreciate your prerogative to be dissatisfied with the answer, however, it is an answer and the only one available until and unless Republic has more to say.

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