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Considering that Republic still prominently features Extend Home in the advertising of its plans and phones, it’s safe to assume that the product is not discontinued.

Had Republic not been recently acquired, I would completely agree with you. However, given the recent acquisition I wouldn’t bet on it either way. I don’t have any more info than anyone else, but having been on the receiving end of corporate acquisitions more than once in my career when a tiny company like Republic, gets bought by a huge company like DISH, it is inevitable that some things will change. Sometimes it is for the better such as there’s no doubt in my mind that the prices DISH pays T-Mobile for network access are better than what Republic does/did which should in theory lead to new plans with lower cost. On the other hand I have no idea what DISH’s interest is in keeping either the Extend Home product or the proprietary Republic tech that makes it possible with their service.

Understand completely–and have been through mergers and acquisitions (on both sides) often, so I do realize that’s certainly a large part of the current mysteriousness.

Apologies for the necro-posting on the 2 year old thread. It was mostly for confirmation that this was a long silence–predating the acquisition. Looks to be shortly after the Beta period.

I do agree with @davidw that since it’s still advertised on every phone (including these newest moto’s), that gives me some hope that it’ll be returning. However, one can only holds one’s breath for so long. :wink:

That is incorrect. The Extend Home was out of stock briefly after launch due to higher than expected demand. That lasted no more than a few days. It was then in stock continuously until shortly after the acquisition was announced.

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Great! Thanks for clarifying. I guess I just “lucked” out with having bad timing both times. >_< Here’s hoping then!

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Anyone know?


We might find out on or around January 1, 2022 when our legacy CDMA phones turn into small android tablets… The three best features of RW are:

  1. Extend Home
  2. Republic Anywhere
  3. The Member Community,

And Southpaw!


Hi @marke.yzpsnd, @sfrazier9999, @royrose, @sambeezie, @joef.pchky2, @sarmadouglas, @davidy.0m6ipr, @postalnote, @benjamin, and @josephg.fq0mpc.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in Extend Home. At this time I am sorry to have to tell you that we have discontinued the sale of the Extend Home Adapter.

Waited this long for you to make you mind up and then you don’t sell it, guess I don’t need you either!

Hi @sfrazier9999,

I understand this was not the news you wanted to hear, and I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for the update. I agree it’s not the update I’d hoped for either…
Are the systems themselves still viable for those who were part of the beta (or who can find a used device)?

I don’t want to commit to a service that’s going away, but this was one of the stronger selling points for staying with Republic (which I’m very sad I missed…).

Thanks for any info you can share!

Those that have been sold continue to work. It wasn’t just the beta, the product left beta in April of 2020 and those sold since then also continue to work.

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Extend a home is junk and should never have been sold to begin with…pretty much a scam. Works way less than it actually works. Republic knows it is ■■■■ thus they stopped stocking it long ago.

I have the Extend Home on two of my cells and love them. If they were still available I would get one more for our 3rd line.


Both from personal experience, and from answering tickets for Republic as an Expert, this just simply isn’t the average experience. I’ve had quite literally not a single problem with the device since I got it, and based on the number of tickets and questions we see about the units, that’s the usual experience. It has some quirks related to phone replacements, that are easily solved with an disassociation and reassociation, and those are the primary tickets we see.

Have you tried working with someone on the issues that you’ve had?


I had a lot of problems with my Samsung cellphone alerting me to having a phone message left. It would never show a message was left. The Extend Home was a blessing as to when I saw the blinking then I finally could see a message was left. I don’t know why but when I took the phone off of RW service my phone started to alert me by the icon at the top of the screen. Now that I don’t use the Extend Home I had hoped someone would want it. It worked great for me while the phone was with RW.

I got the extend home at the christmas sale at the end of Dec. 1920 and moved to the 3.0 phone and plan in Jan. 1921 and then connected the extend home and it is amazing. One night the cell phone didn’t have wifi or cell connection and rebooting didn’t help. I checked the extend home and it didn’t have connection either rebooting modem wifi router and extend home didn’t help but after about 4 hours it all started working again. No problems were listed in the status page.
Another time a few weeks ago the extend home didn’t ring and cell did, rebooting the extend home fixed it. It is an amazing device and service and I hope it works forever.

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