Extend Home Beta: Results Follow-up

What have we been working on?

Over the past few weeks, we have been testing a new feature for our My Choice subscribers. The test has been open to a small number of members. We have made the process open for review, so if you are interested, please feel free to review the Beta category. During this beta, we have been sending out surveys to gauge the activation process, service quality and readiness to launch and so far the results have been great!

Survey Question: Activation Experience

We asked the Beta members to rate the overall experience of setting up and activating the Extend Home service. This was a 5-star rating and averaged a 4.6


We also asked how long it took to set everything up and the average was less than 15 minutes.

Survey Question: Call Quality

We asked if call quality was better than the cell phone. The scale was 0 for “Way worse”, 5 for “No difference” and 10 for “Way better”. The average was 7.4


Survey Question: The Entire Extend Home Feature

After weeks of use, we asked our Beta members to rate the entire experience of the Extend Home feature. The average was 4.5 stars out of 5


Here is some other feedback:

What’s next?

Over the next week, we will be detailing the specifics of this feature and entering the next stage in our Beta. In the coming weeks, we hope to add more members to an open beta with a goal of general availability to all My Choice members later this year.

Stay tuned…


I’m guessing that since I don’t know anything about this, that this doesn’t pertain to me…?

Amy B

Hi @amyb9,

We first announced the Extend Home Beta here:

It applies to any and all of our My Choice members. If you don’t know anything about it, browse through our #beta:extend-home category to see what some of the testers had to say, or ask questions here.

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Ah ok, that was the beta I signed up for and apparently didn’t qualify…

Hi @amyb9,

It was a very small Beta opportunity, with far more applicants than we had spaces available. That’s why we’re excited that we’ll be moving to an open Beta very soon, making it possible for even more members to test this new feature.


How much will the extend home device cost? I didn’t see it in the store…

Pricing hasn’t been announced and this is still beta stage so it isn’t for sale.

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Ok cool!


I’ve been wondering what else we can do with this. The traditional land line serves a household whereas the traditional cell phone serves an individual. Will it be possible to route multiple subscriber lines to a single ATA? This is sort of what XLink adapter does in that it supports 3 simultaneous Bluetooth connections. I’ve also wondered how the 2-port version of the Grandstream ATA can be used with a two-line home phone system. Can two individual RW numbers be routed to two individual lines?

My specific target audience for extend home is my 85-year-old mother. I cannot get her to part with her landline. She has a Moto G with Republic service and she likes her cell phone to play music on Pandora, interact with Facebook, and read news. When it comes to making a call, somehow the device is very confusing :wink: To be fair, she does have hearing aids and the physical placement a cell phone to her ear is much more critical than it is with her landline phone.

I think the extend home service would be a great for her to be able to give up her landline, and reduce costs.

One of the challenges we face is that her husband died at the end of February this year and somehow scammers have gotten a hold of this information and call her on the landline. They have not yet discovered the cell phone number. Because of the scammers, she never answers the landline phone but always screens calls on the answering machine.

How would you suggest handling this? I think the right functionality would be to direct the old landline calls and cell phone calls to the extent home device which would be connected to the answering machine. Only cell phone calls would go to her mobile device.



The Extend Home ATA doesn’t have the ability to merge a landline and the Republic line in to a single output, that’s not its function. If the home phone system had two lines (many cordless phones do) then it could be handled that way.

Honestly, if the home number is such an issue it may be worth just giving it up and letting those whom calls are actually desired from know that all calls should be on the cell number moving forward.


Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

If you think giving up on the home number is an option for an elderly woman, you might be surprised. Things that my siblings and I think are noncontroversial turned out to be surprisingly controversial. I think the conversation to eliminate her home phone number is going to be a multi-month effort.

One course of action might be to dead-end the old landline cell number into Google voice and have all the calls go to voicemail. That way my mom can filter through the calls at her leisure and call people back from the cell.


Hi @mye.nyme,

I’m excited to see people thinking about how they can put this feature to use! It’s really one of those things that until you try it, you may not realize just how useful it is.

One thought around this:

If you do work through the call routing and complexity of giving up the home number, you’ll need to be able to have the answering machine set to answer fairly quickly, or the call will be routed to the Republic Wireless voicemail.


heh. put my mom on the beta list and I’ll be her tech support :slight_smile:

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