Extend Home Call Waiting Problem

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy J3

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Extend home phone: Panasonic KX-TG1034 w/4 handsets

Issue Description

When talking to my landline daughter using the Panasonic handset, the FLASH button works as advertised when I need to answer a 2nd caller or initiate a 3-way call. However, when talking to another Republic customer on his cell phone, whenever I press the FLASH button, my first caller is disconnected.

Can this problem be remedied?

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Hi @voyager,

This doesn’t sound like something our Community would be able to solve, but it’s definitely something our engineers would need to look into, especially if this behavior is consistent.

Does it make any difference whether the other RW member is on cell or Wi-Fi?


He has only called me from his home, so that would be WiFi I think.

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I have experimented by calling myself from the cell phone and answering on the Panasonic. If I hit the FLASH button, I’m immediately disconnected from the cell phone.


Thanks @voyager,

I’ve been able to replicate the issue. I’ll have to open a bug ticket to get this in front of our engineers.


Thank you so much for your response. I’ll be waiting for further developments.

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Is there any news re the bug ticket?

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Hi @voyager,

Only that it is in the developers’ queue and they are aware that the issue exists. I’m watching the work ticket and have noted in it that the Community is awaiting a solution.


Hi @voyager,

The engineers have identified the issue and have a solution in the works. There’s no exact target date at this time, but we’re a lot closer than we were when you first raised the issue!


My fingers are crossed!

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I see that we are about to be closed here. Do you think that the developers are still working on a solution?

Hi @Voyager,

Further testing found an additional glitch which has not yet been resolved. I’ve set this topic to stay open longer than the default for this category, but if it does close, you can always DM me and I’ll re-open it.

Thanks for the reply, southpaw. What’s the additional glitch?

If I’m understanding the engineers correctly, the test calls aren’t disconnecting as you described after initial work, but there is some trouble with inbound audio after using the “flash” button for call waiting.

I just did another test. Still having a problem. I had an incoming call. After talking for a while, I pushed the FLASH button, got the dial tone. I was going to make a test call, but decided to see whether or not I had already lost my caller. When I pushed the FLASH button a second time (within a few seconds of the first push), my caller was gone.

Hi @voyager,

Right. Nothing has changed for current users.

The engineers adjust code and test in a separate testing environment. They adjusted the code to solve for this disconnect issue you have described in the test environment, and then tested it. During testing in the test environment, they discovered this audio issue. That additional test has prevented them from pushing the new code out to the real-life (“production”) environment.

I hope they keep trying.

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