Extend Home Can't Tell Time?

The cordless handset I’m using sets the time automatically when an inbound call is received. Some server somewhere seems to think we’re still on standard as opposed to daylight time. I’m able to manually set the time on the cordless handset correctly. As soon as an inbound call is received, the handset’s clock falls back.


We found that the ATA delivers time to the phone and that feature cannot be turned off so we will be adding timezone options to the portal association process.


So, it’s an hour off for me because the ATA delivers eastern standard regardless of location? It will vary for others not in the eastern time zone?

Correct! Why we Beta!

Or if you have an analog handset with no display it doesn’t care what time it is…ha…ha


I suppose the default makes some degree of sense. Grandstream is headquartered in Boston.

And RW staff might not see it…they’re in Eastern time too, right?

Like Republic HQ, I’m in the eastern time zone. We do, however, see it because the ATA is passing eastern standard time and we’re currently on eastern daylight time. :slightly_smiling_face:

This must be only for certain phones with a specific feature? The V-tech cordless phone I’m using has not had the time set automatically, unless it was set for GMT. I tried manually setting it to see if the time will change when I receive a call.

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Every phone is a bit different.

My handset also changes the time as well. It is two hours ahead, which lines up with EST, or CDT.

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My handset is changing the time. But it’s not changing to EST, it is changing to GMT. I know all the phones are different, and it doesn’t bother me but I figured I’d report back on it as an FYI.

As a frame of reference, it changed the time to GMT again after I re-associated the ATA with the phone.

I just tested my extend home phone, set my to EDT but changes to CDT when receiving a call.

Based on what was said above, it isn’t changing to CDT but rather to EST which apparently is currently hard coded in to the ATA devices.

Guess it will be correct in my time zone for 4 months out of the year

It appears this will be fixed in production:

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