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My current land line is part of a ‘triple play’ from my cable company. With Extend Home do I still have to maintain/pay for that or can I cancel cable phone service, and keep the number, linking that phone number via the adapter to my RW cell number? Thus to the outside world my existing land line phone service number would remain the same, but I could call or answer at that number using either the the existing land line phones or my RW cell phone (from any place I get wifi or cell coverage)?

The Extend Home product does not maintain two numbers. It is a way to extend your Republic number to a home phone. So, you would either need to replace your Republic number with your home number or get rid of your home number. You can’t have both on the Extend Home device.

Careful with those Triple play bundles, those cable companies love to get you with those.
It may cost u more to drop the phone line form them.

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