Extend Home device - how to connect?

I imagine some variation of this question has been asked before, but I’m not finding it.

The Extend Home works off of internet, correct? Yet you can use any phone that used to work with the old land lines? These regular phones somehow become VOIP devices?

Your instructions say to plug the Extend Home device into my Wi-Fi gateway, using the included ethernet cable. But there’s also something that says you can plug the Extend Home device into an existing phone jack. That confuses me. The existing phone jacks in my house are connected to the old AT&T copper wire, not to any internet. So how is the Extend Home going to be connected to the Wi-Fi gateway? And if it can be connected via Wi-Fi rather than ethernet, what would be the purpose of plugging it into a phone jack?

My dilemma is that I want to place the Extend Home device somewhere else in the house, not right next to the Wi-Fi gateway. And I don’t want ethernet cable running all through the house. So does the Extend Home device connect via Wi-Fi?

Also, do you have to plug the Extend Home device into a wall outlet?

I feel like I’m not asking these questions very well, but maybe someone can make sense of it.



Hi @johnw.pdvsog and welcome to the Member Community. Recommend you read through the following documents and see if they answer your questions.

This has some specific instructions for setup. There are also links to other articles on the Extend Home on the right side of the page.

And this has several good questions and answers.

Please come back after you have reviewed these documents. I’m sure the Community can help answer any remaining questions. Hope this helps.

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Hi @johnw.pdvsog,

The phones don’t somehow become VoIP devices. The Extend Home adapter converts a digital signal to analog for the old phones. It does not, however, send a mini-power surge that’s required to ring some really old phones, so you probably at least want to use a modern handset.

There are three places to plug things in the Extend Home adapter.

  1. Power
  2. WiFi - The Extend Home adapter must be plugged into your router so it will have an internet connection.
  3. Phone - Here you have options:
    • Connect the adapter to a single phone by using a standard phone cord to connect the adapter to your phone
    • Connect the adapter to a cordless phone set by using a standard phone cord to connect the adapter to a “base unit” that then serves multiple cordless phones
    • Connect the adapter to your household phone wiring (that’s not in service) by using a standard phone cord to connect the adapter to a wall jack, then plugging other phones into wall jacks around the house for convience extensions.

No. The adapter must connect by ethernet cable to the router.



I use a WiFi extender that has an Ethernet connector. I plugged in the wifi extender where I wanted the extend home. Extend home’s Ethernet connects to the WiFi extender. . It is very close to a POTS wall jack, and I plugged in the extend home’s phone line there. My phone is actually in another room, but it’s using the same copper that the extend home is connected to. It works!

The WiFi extender allows me to locate the extend home almost anywhere in my house.

The WiFi extender was <$20.


Looks like @freddyp and @southpaw have you covered with the information you need … but @billg a long time community member and contributor has provided this as an alternative to a hardwired Ethernet: Inexpensive Wireless Adapter for Extend Home

We have also used a WiFi extender with good success. However, we decided to go back to a pretty basic configuration to increase reliability during a power outage.

We put our Internet modem, router, Extend Home and the base station for the wireless handset used with Extend Home on a UPS. This way, if we have a power outage, all of the equipment stays powered and operates. Yes, all of the equipment is in the same room in this configuration simply for access to the UPS.

The only time the Extend Home goes down now is if the Internet service outside of our home goes down. We have had a few power outages and the ISP Internet service stayed up, so it looks like their infrastructure has backup power in our area. Something we expected!

I do want to make one thing clear for anyone reading this thread and new to Extend Home…a UPS is not required for the Extend Home. We just spent too many years in Alaska to put all of our faith in commercial power alone :grinning: Just something to think about if you are relying on the Extend Home.


True, this is an option that could allow @johnw.pdvsog to set up the Extend Home adapter without it being close to the router. However, you’re sacrificing some of the reliability of the ethernet connection and re-introducing some potential for interference on the WiFi network to impact call quality, without the backup of Bonded Calling and handover that the cell phone has.

I’m glad it’s working well for you, and thank you for bringing it up as yet another option. I do, however want to caution anyone who tries it to keep in mind that if call quality is not acceptable, trying the recommended setup would very likely bring improvements.


Hi @southpaw,
Yes, not optimal, but I don’t have a phone jack near my router. I had a spare extender, so I thought I’d give it a try while I noodled the situation.

I am happy with my router location, so I want to build around that, which limits my options. Work in progress!


Thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions. Unfortunately I’m not terribly tech-savvy, and my brain begins to glaze over when I read about more and more devices that have to be connected together to make something work.

My situation, I guess, is similar to ceedee’s. My Wi-Fi gateway is up on top of a high bookshelf, near the only Comcast outlet in the apartment. There is no phone jack anywhere near the gateway, and I don’t particularly want the Extend Home device sitting up on top of the bookshelf with a long phone cord coming out of it. If I still had my cordless phone (which I unfortunately gave away some time ago), it would have to sit up on top of the bookshelf also. Just not a good solution. So I guess the Extend Home won’t work for me. But I do appreciate all the thoughtful responses.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but your reasons are certainly sound. On the plus side your, question allowed a bunch of the alternatives to be surfaced in the same discussion and will one of them will certainly be a good fit for someone in the future.

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