Extend Home does not always receive calls from my wife's Verizon phone

I’ve happily used Republic Wireless for years, and even more happily purchased the Extend Home adapter to connect my Republic phone to my home phone system.
Extend Home is outstanding, it provides stable, landline-quality phone service (and my cell phone doesn’t even have to be on), and it frees me from the need to lug my cell phone around the house when I’m on-call.
However, I’ve noticed that in recent months Extend Home does not always receive calls from my wife’s Verizon phone - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Any idea why?

Hi @bobbyn.1di0li,

We’re starting to see some reports of Extend Home not receiving inbound calls (that the cell phone does receive.)

I suspect that what you’re seeing is the same thing, but you’re only aware of incidents from your wife’s reports. In other words, I suspect the issue isn’t limited to your wife’s Verizon phone. That detail could turn out to be useful, but we don’t want to let it throw us off.

What would be very helpful here would be for you to open a Help Ticket once you can provide some fresh examples. That would mean you’d need to be able to say:

My wife called from {phone number} to {phone number} at {date/time/timezone} and Extend Home did not ring.

These examples would ideally need to be no more than 24 hours old when you report them and ideally the report would not come on a Friday. Our diagnostic call logs only last a day or so and the technicians able to really dive in and study them tend to work normal M-F workweeks, so the idea is to get some samples while the technicians are available to grab the data.

When you have an example or two you can provide to the Help Team, please open a Help Ticket and ask them to investigate it as part of Master Ticket # 2105170. If you’ll let me know here, once you’ve done so, I’d like to keep an eye on the ticket and perhaps preserve the call logs myself before the data expires, if the timing looks precarious.


It happened again and I just logged a ticket with the details below.



Request #2112372

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