Extend home doesn't ring if cell phone is on

I have Panasonic DECT cordless phones. I have Entend Home. When the cell phone is on and in the house, the cell phone rings, the cordless do not. If I shut off the cell phone, the cordless phones ring. Is there any way to get cell and cordless both to ring

Hi @paulo.clfs8r,

Has it been like this since you first started using Extend Home, or is this something that has recently changed?

There aren’t a lot of troubleshooting steps for something like this, because the Extend Home adapter is so simplified that it just doesn’t have a lot of configurations that would be possible to get right or wrong.

The first thing we ask our members to try when the Extend Home service is not behaving as designed is simply unplugging the Extend Home adapter from the power source, wait a minute or so, plug it back in, and then give it 5-10 minutes to reset.

Hmm. Almost sounds like your account is set up to forward calls to the Extend Home on “no answer” or “unreachable” rather than “simultaneous ring.” Do calls never ring both devices? in other words, a call will go to voicemail before the Extend Home ever rings?

This would be impossible as the Extend Home doesn’t have a number of its own.

It wasn’t impossible on my PBX. I regularly messed up inbound extension rules like that. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening, but that’s what it sounds like. Another possibility is a NAT or ALG issue.

Since there’s no user configuration and deployment is automated I would hope that such a rule wouldn’t spontaneously mutate, but honestly these days, who knows.


We haven’t heard from you since you posted this question. Is your Extend Home phone still failing to ring if the cell phone is turned on?

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