Extend Home feature is now out of BETA

Thanks to the amazing work of our BETA Testers, Experts, and Ambassadors, the Extend Home feature is now out of BETA and ready for all of our My Choice members to use.

What is Extend Home

Extend Home is a feature for the My Choice plan that extends a line of service to a regular home telephone. This feature makes it simple to answer or make calls from either the cellular phone or a home phone independently.

Extend Home is designed to help families who want to have a home phone without the added cost of home phone service, those who prefer the tactile feel and audio quality of a larger/louder dedicated phone. Extend Home is ideal for those working at home who prefer a dedicated phone for making and receiving business calls.

New Features After BETA

  • 7-Digit dialing for numbers in your area code
  • Independent emergency address. The Extend Home no longer shares the same 911 address as your cell phone.


  • Call anywhere in the US & Canada
  • No additional monthly cost
  • Shared Voicemail with message waiting indicator (MWI)
  • Independent calling between the cell phone and home phone
  • Ability for cell phone and home phone to call each other
  • Reliable home service even if the cell phone is off, missing, or broken
  • Exclusive spam call-blocking features
  • Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Return, Voicemail Forwarding
  • Caller ID Name (CNAME)
  • Easy to associate and set up
  • 711 & 911 (Independent address for 911)


  1. Is there a monthly service fee for Extend Home?
    No, there is no additional monthly fee for this feature.
  2. Do I need a new service line to take advantage of this feature?
    No, Extend Home is available with your existing My Choice service line.
  3. Is this feature available with all Republic Wireless plans?
    Extend Home is only available for the My Choice plan.
  4. Can I purchase the Extend Home adapter from another source?
    No. The adapter is specially pre-provisioned so that you can associate it to your My Choice service line. You would not be able to associate the adapter if purchased from another source.
  5. Can I return the Extend Home adapter if I do not like this feature?
    Our 14-day money-back guarantee applies to the Extend Home adapter purchase.

What does the Extend Home adapter do?

The Extend Home adapter converts voice sent over our network to a signal that any standard home phone can understand.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped us get this feature tested and released.


I love mine. It works flawlessly with my Panasonic home phone system. No need to carry my cell phone from room to room. Along with Anywhere, it was especially useful when my cell phone crashed. I still had messaging on my PC and calls on my home phone system.


100% agree with @billg. Mine is working flawlessly. Great addition!


I love that you are offering these preconfigured GrandStream ATA HT802 HT801 devices now to be able to use other phones with your line.

Hopefully we’ll eventually get to access the SIP credentials so any SIP phone can be used. Or a first step allowing 2 RW lines on the device since the device supports 2 SIP accounts. Edit, removed since I was informed I had the wrong device.

Keep up the good work Republic!

Hi @matthew,

Unless something changed with general availability. the ATA is Grandstream’s HT801 rather than the HT802. The HT801 supports only a single SIP service.

Adding the HT802, for households with more than one Republic phone to extend is, in my opinion, worthy of consideration.

At the current price point of free after the cost of the device itself, I don’t see Republic providing SIP credentials. Generally, folks would then expect Republic to support the myriad ATAs and IP phones in the market and such support would come with cost attached.

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@rolandh that makes sense then if it is the HT801… I don’t have one myself so was just going off photos. So scratch that part of my comment.

I understand not wanting to have to support more hardware. And it seems to be the same logic with not allowing a bunch of Android phones which would work just fine on a technical level.

I wish we could have a disclaimer to sign up to use this but will get no support if it doesn’t work.

So is the extra $15 cost for this device because RW configures it?
I ask since it can be found most places for $35 and I’m trying to understand why RW is charging approximately 40% more.

The device is both configured and supported by Republic unlike one that you would purchase from Amazon which comes with no support or configuration assistance.


I purchased 3 Beta units when they first became available, as we have three Republic phone users.
We immediately had problems getting them to work and after extensive
time spent with support got one working. I returned one and now we have two, one of which is in use. Can I upgrade these, and if so considering everything would I need new hardware or to use existing?

Hi @paulah.0ta2y2,

There is no difference in the Extend Home adapters we provided during BETA and those being sold today.

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Can people speak to the quality of the calls? My wife refuses to give up our landline because she says the clarity of the cell call is not as good as the landline. I think we have reasonable call quality on our Motorola RW phones here (although not quite as clear as the landline). Given that, will the extend unit offer similar quality as the cell, or perhaps better?

Mine is crystal clear. It’s digital all the way to your analog phone. No cell towers involved.


The extend home doesn’t touch the cellular network in any way. It uses your internet connection to connect to Republic’s servers. On my home network the calls are crystal clear and I can’t tell the difference from the previous “land line” service I had through Xfinity. It is certainly a lot clearer the an average cell call.

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It will depend upon the quality (stability not speed) of your Internet connection, however, my experience with Republic’s Extend Home adapter as with OTT (over the top) VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) generally is if one’s Internet connection is stable, call quality is excellent and often better than traditional landline service. By traditional landline service, I mean service delivered by the telephone company over copper lines. If you’re using “landline” service provided by a cable provider or something like FiOS or Uverse, you’re already using a form of VoIP.


The major advantage of the Extend Home is that it is directly connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, thus it doesn’t have to overcome all the problems that WiFi causes (no interference from neighbors, the sofa, the windows, walls etc. … the only problem I had during a 10 year stint of WFH where my phone was VoIP was during a temp move from one side of the house to the other and had to revert to a WiFi connection.

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That is A major advantage but I wouldn’t call it The major advantage. To me it is great that it works like having 2 lines. If I am talking on my cell and my wife’s friend calls her, she gets the call, can pick up and talk to her friend while I continue my conversation. Also, If I am out and want to call home, all I do is call my own number to talk to my wife at home.

We ditched our old (voip) land line and don’t miss it.


Sorry, my statement should have been ‘the major advantage in regard to voice quality’ is that it is yada yada

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I have been extremely pleased with the Extend Home adapter. The voice quality is excellent, and I have no regrets that I cancelled my CenturyLink landline and transferred my number to my RW phone.

Today, however, a strange thing happened. Twice (about an hour apart) my cell phone rang with an incoming call, but the Panasonic extensions didn’t ring and they don’t show the calls on Caller ID. I checked the ATA, and all three blue lights were lit. Later I got several calls where all phones rang and Caller ID showed the callers as usual. Does anyone have an explanation for this occurrence?

We have two units and three Republic cellphones. One of the phone numbers was just changed. Can we reprogram the corresponding home extend unit with the new number?

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