Extend home firmware out of date

My Extend Home device is a Grand Stream HT801. Grand Stream released a firmware update yesterday, 10/13/2021, for the HT801: v1.0.31.1. My Extend Home is way behind: v1.0.19.11.
How may I upgrade the firmware?

Since its purchase, I have had many issues with the Extend Home - in particular, it is not reliable because most times it sends incoming calls directly to voice mail but never blinks the voice mail light. My goal is to get the device up-to-date and see if that helps.

Any firmware updates are remotely administered by Republic Wireless.

While that sounds great, my unit’s firmware is way behind. How do I get RW to update it?

Hi @rakota, is the latest firmware for our implementation of Extend Home. There is no action you need to take to upgrade the firmware.

If you’re having issues receiving calls, please let our Help Team know by opening a Help Ticket.

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