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Currently we have a “land line” or home number that I believe you call it Voip that is part of our “Triple bundle package” from our cable provider. I’m looking at dropping the phone and cable tv package and maintaining high speed internet only. The way our home handsets are hooked into the current voip system is by plugging our telephone lines that run to our handset base station into the back of modem provided by the cable company. So I’m wondering exactly how I would hook up the Extend Home unit. Seems like I would take the line that runs to our home handset base station, plug it in to the Extend Home unit, then run an Ethernet cable from the Extend Home unit to an open Ethernet port on the back of our wireless wifi router and wa la. Is that correct? P.S. Please keep it simple, as I’m sure you can tell I’m not real sophisticated when it comes to these things.

Hi @danf.atdpwd and welcome to the Community!

It seems to me you’re doing quite well as far as the hookup is concerned because what you describe is exactly correct.

If the intent, however, is to hang onto the home “landline” number, please know this isn’t what Extend Home is designed to do. The Extend Home adapter shares its number with the one on your Republic cell phone. Using Extend Home for your current home number would first require moving that number to a Republic cell phone capable of using a My Choice plan.

Much more on what Extend Home is and isn’t is linked here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter.

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How do I order the extend home equipment? Is it available now if not when?

Hi @flaviush and welcome to the Community!

Republic’s Extend Home adapter is available for sale here:

This is exactly what I did last year. You may want to take it a step further and get your own cable modem + router to stop paying the $10+/mo rental on that from the cable company!

Thank you for the suggestion, I actually have already done that. Question for you…once you the phone and cable tv, did you then sign up for one of the “tv streaming” services…Sling, Roku, Amazon, etc.? If so, curious to know which one you would recommend. Thanks.

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Great question.

All the streaming services offer free month or discounted bundles… and all these services also have very easy self-serve online cancellation…so I have been ping-ponging between several services.

  1. Our baseline is that we don’t watch too many live TV shows…the TV shows that we do like…we still don’t watch them live…so we ended up going with Hulu… initially I had the limited ad version which was a really good price at $3.99 ($2 off for 12 mo)…but then the ads started getting annoying…so I upgraded to the paid version which at that time ran for $11.99.

  2. I only periodically have the need for live TV…for special times of the year…like March Madness. For those I use Sling. Sling does have buffering issues from time to time…but overall it works ok. Especially when a live event goes past its projected time span… I’ve had Sling stuck in a buffering loop for several seconds which is painful. But overall it’s a good value for money to get ESPN.

  3. I also have an antenna for Live local TV…which I got for around $30 from Amazon.

  4. I have had Prime for several years for the quick shipping…and Amazon has added several shows
    so we use that.

  5. We also periodically turn Netflix on when we have accumulated enough content to watch over there.

I am tempted by Youtube TV…but find it too pricey for what I need. Disney+ is an interesting option that I might consider.


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