Extend Home - how to stop a blinking voicemail indicator

I have one of the Grandstream Extend kits- cell to landline via the web. It’s worked rather well for months, but recently it’s started blinking the Voicemail Waiting light. Yet the phone doesn’t have any voicemails.

Anyone know how to turn off the feature or at least force the light to go out?

Seems I had to allow the voicemail to be dialed into from my Republic account, then call in to voicemail. Once I did that, the light stopped blinking. Worth mentioning, even the dialed in voicemail service was empty.

Have you tried to reset the unit?

  • Restart the adapter by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in
  • After restarting, wait at least 5 minutes before trying to place or receive a call

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