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What is the “Extend Home” about and (1) is it assigned same number as cell phone,* (2) does it operate like a land line but on cell service, (3) I recently gave up competitor service (Ting) for home phone and wandering if I can get that old number reactivated and assigned, (4) is all I need to do is purchase the adaptor, plug it in, plug in phone set to it?

  • I would truly love it if it is assigned same number as cell service. But if not, does it / would it automatically be forwarded to cell or vice versa?

Hi @jamesw.user1 and welcome to the Members Community. See if the following FAQ link helps answer your questions –

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It requires a wired internet connection. It does not use cell service.

If you gave up the number, you gave it up and no longer own it and can’t transfer it or grab it. That said, the extend home shares the number with your cell, it does not have its own number.

Buy it. Plug it in to power and your network. Plug phone in. Use Republic portal to associate with your Republic My Choice Phone.


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