Extend Home is now in Open Beta

Today the Extend Home Beta moves from Invitation-based Closed Beta to an Open Beta. Today you can purchase the Home Phone Adapter (while supplies last).

What is Extend Home

Extend Home is a beta feature for the My Choice plan that extends a line of service to a regular home telephone. This feature makes it simple to answer or make calls from either the cellular phone or a home phone independently.


  • Call anywhere in the US & Canada
  • No additional monthly cost
  • Shared Voicemail with message waiting indicator (MWI)
  • Independent calling between the cell phone and home phone
  • Ability for cell phone and home phone to call each other
  • Reliable home service even if the cell phone is off, missing, or broken
  • Exclusive spam call-blocking features
  • Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Return, Voicemail Forwarding
  • Caller ID Name (CNAME)
  • Easy to associate and set up
  • 711 & 911


  1. Is there a monthly service fee for Extend Home?
    No, there is no additional monthly fee for this feature.

  2. Do I need a new service line to take advantage of this feature?
    No, Extend Home is available with your existing My Choice service line.

  3. Is this feature available with all Republic Wireless plans?
    Extend Home is only available for the My Choice plan.

  4. Can I purchase the Home Phone Adapter from another source?
    No. The adapter is specially pre-provisioned so that you can associate it to your My Choice service line. You would not be able to associate the adapter if purchased from another source.

  5. Can I return the Home Phone Adapter if I do not like this feature?
    Our 14-day money-back guarantee applies to the Home Phone Adapter purchase.

What does the Home Phone Adapter do?

The Home Phone Adapter converts voice sent over the Internet (VoIP) to a signal that any standard home phone can understand.

What is an Open Beta

The Open Beta (aka Early Access Program) means that the product is ready to be used but there are still some things we are testing and adding before we make it generally available. We will control the number of beta users by how many Home Phone Adapters we make available in our online store. We do expect to stock out often until we move to general availability sometime later this year.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.


Happy to pay the fifty dollars but kind of stunned at the high shipping charge added on! I am a patient kind of guy and don’t really need it with tomorrow’s morning breakfast. Why isn’t there an option for normal shipping at no or low cost?
Please don’t think I’m ungrateful. I understand why the RW version costs more than the Amazon version because of special modification and that’s OK. But the HUGE added shipping cost is kind of a shock.
(I moved my PS to a separate question.)


I’m going to answer assuming the answer is the same as it is for phones. Republic passes along their costs for shipping and handling to the customer. In the case where the least expensive option is 2-day shipping it is because the difference between ground and 2-day is so minimal that it wouldn’t even make sense to offer the ground option.

There are two of us in the house with RW cell phones.

  1. Would we need one Extend Home for each of our RW phones or does one serve for both?
  2. And would we need to buy and connect two separate analog house phones or could/would one analog phone serve both RW numbers?

Hi @nathans.muyejm,

  1. The Extend Home adapter can serve only one phone number at a time.
  2. You could buy a two-line phone if you wanted only one phone to serve both numbers.

Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate your prompt response.


This is a very interesting concept. I love being a customer of a trend-setting and dynamic service! :relaxed:

I have a couple of questions myself about this:

  1. If any, what is the process to switch lines that an Extend Home line applies to? Perhaps opening a support case is best?
  2. Would it be possible to purchase a dedicated line for an Extend Home phone? This might serve as a replacement for standard land lines.

I understand that this service is intended to be viewed as an “extension” of our existing cell lines (hence the name). So, I understand if my second questions is out-of-scope. Thank you for your time!

Hi @tangomike99,

  1. The process to associate a service line with an adapter takes place in the Account portal. (If you’re the account owner, you can view the first few steps in the “I want to” menu of any My Choice phone now.)
    Once the adapter is associated with a service line, that functionality in the Account portal becomes the steps to disassociate.
    So you would not need a help ticket. If you had an adapter associated with your number, you’d just sign in as the account owner, disassociate it, reboot the adapter, and then associate it to the service line you want it to serve.
  1. At this time Extend home works only with our My Choice plan. If you want to subscribe to a My Choice plan and just not use the cell phone, that would be an option. We are, however, aware that there’s an interest in having a line just for this feature, so it’s something that has had some discussion. Please keep the comments and interest in additional use cases and scenarios coming.

Have you considered GOOGLE VOICE? It does the same thing but doesn’t cost a single penny. Check out www.voice.google.com. you can also use it for texting and sending texts in the USA and into Canada. CHECK IT OUT before paying for RW’s Extend Home. Google Voice is much better !!

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I think you’re missing something here.

Extend Home has no monthly cost. The cost is for the adapter that allows your Republic number to also ring your home phone (and allow you to call from your Republic number).

Google Voice allows you to either: 1) Answer a GV number on a device running the App. This still requires a device that you pay for and doesn’t satisfy one of the major selling points of the Extend Home product: using home handsets instead of the smartphone. Or you can forward your GV number to a home phone, but then this would require home phone service that you pay for.

So, how is it the same or “much better”?


You missed the point. Google Voice does everything you say that Extend Home does EXCEPT there is NO COST to get GV and it will ring and allow you to answer calls on any and ALL devices you specify, including calling my fantastic RW cellphone. If you don’t answer the call, you get a notice that a call was received. If the person calling wants to leave a message, you can listen to it. If you want to block numbers, you can block them. And all this WITHOUT costing you a single penny – using whatever equipment you already have. I know, I have used GV for over 6 years now. I know what I am talking about. And, for another reason, the GV answering service for messages is 100 times better and more dependable than the VM system that RW provides !!!

Your repeating of the same thing only shows that you do not understand what this product is. Google voice is not a competitor for this product. You are correct, Google voice can ring any number you’d like. However for Google voice to ring a home phone, you must have a home phone. This device is intended to replace home phone service. That is not something that Google voice can do. If you’d like to explain to me how, in my home, with no home phone service, I can get Google voice to ring phones in my home, provide my children the ability to make calls from my home without my cell phone being there, and provide e911 services to my home, then I will admit, that you are right. However, as Google voice can do none of those things, your comparison is faulty. Google voice is great for what it is. I have four Google voice numbers that I access from my Republic phone. It is not however a competitor to the extend home product.


Apologies to anyone who was offended by this.

I have GV which I use occasionally, and I have extend home. They are not the same. I can not use my RW number and GV number at the same time. With extend I can call using GV on my RW phone and at the same time my husband can be making calls using extend home which has my RW number. Love extend home.


Hi all,

Thanks for all the interesting feedback. Please remember that your responses need to fall within our Community Guidelines. There is no reason for name-calling as we work together to understand this new Republic Wireless feature.


Hi @dwalltech,

Extend Home is a new feature, unlike anything, anyone else, even Google Voice is doing.

Google Voice has some great aspects - I use it, too! I love being able to change what phone it forwards to, and send text messages from my Google Voice account and see the replies on my phone (and even in my E-mail!) I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice for a long time.

Extend Home is different. It’s not meant to be a separate phone number (like Google Voice) that you then forward everywhere. Instead, it uses the same Republic Wireless cell phone number people already know you by, and rings an otherwise unassociated handset. It doesn’t point calls to subscribed phone line like Google Voice does. You take a phone that has absolutely no service whatsoever, hook it to the Extend Home adapter that is associated with your cell phone, and you have working phone with no new monthly service fee.

It’s really a bit hard to understand if you’ve never tried it, and I can see why that leads you think along the lines of something you’re already very familiar with - like Google Voice - and think they are similar.

I think the very best way for you to understand how it is different and how those differences matter would be for you to try it yourself. So, I wanted to see if you’d like to enter into a little deal with me.

I’d like to give you a coupon that would allow you to order an Extend Home adapter at no cost. That’s my end of the deal. Your end of the deal would be to set it up, try it out, and then come back to our Community and explain it to others. Write an unbiased review in our #reviews section stating that you were sent an Extend Home adapter to evaluate, and then make it very clear to our members what Extend home is and what it does, and yes, even how it is different from Google Voice. You’ll need a modern, push-button phone that’s not currently being used on a landline, and an available port on your router.

I think as an engineer with so much experience in related technology fields, you’d be able to explain it to our members in a way that they could easily understand, and help us avoid exactly the kind of confusion and heated discussion that has evolved here.

Please let me know if this is something you’d like to do. We’ll be eager to read your review!

  1. Does the adapter handle the mechanical bell in old Western Electric phones? (It requires more current than most modern phones.)
  2. Does the adapter handle the old rotary/pulse dial (i.e., not just touch-tone)?
    I have an old phone similar to this:

Thanks much.

  1. Does the adapter handle the mechanical bell in old Western Electric phones? (It requires more current than most modern phones.)

We suggest newer phones since the most cited benefit is to have more phones throughout the house. New DECT phones are pretty cheap and provide a lot of benefits.

  1. Does the adapter handle the old rotary/pulse dial (i.e., not just touch-tone)?
    I have an old phone similar to this:

No, but you can get an adapter online to handle the conversion, but you might get miffed when you try to press a button in an automated attendant. I still suggest newer DECT phones.


I think this has already been suggested by other users (multiple times, I imagine), but I think the Extend Home option is awesome, and I assume should be pretty simple to setup and use for most RW users.

I have used SIP technology (with the open source Asterisk PBX) for years and have a small installation at my home. I used to use it with Google Voice (and probably could still, but need to update some software).

I think it’d be great if RW would allow power users to do an Extend Home kind of setup but with their own SIP equipment. It’s such a waste to have to convert a digital signal from the web to analog and then back to digital to plug into your own SIP/PBX equipment. It adds all kinds of problems of course.

I understand that RW’s primary concern with this would be support. The simple solution would be to offer no support (other than community provided and maybe a basic FAQ), but if the support for Extend Home is already in place, and the tech is set to allow the analog phones to work in this neat way along with the cell phone on the same phone number, clearly that should technically be able to be expanded to a pure SIP offering as I’m suggesting.

I’m just putting in my vote for this to be considered by RW and the team that’s developing the Extend Home feature.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful for this feature, it’s awesome and it’s way better than having nothing. But for me, and some other nerdy types, what I’m suggesting would be even more awesome especially when it comes at no additional cost.

Fun idea, but one that would be ripe for abuse. How long until someone with a PBX is using their Extend Home line with an auto dialer?

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