Extend Home Kit: Faxing?

How are faxes received on the Extend Home Kit? Are there any special settings to do?

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Hi @thomase.c,

Republic does not support use of fax with its Extend Home adapter. Specifically, Republic’s Extend Home adapter does not support the T.38 Fax over Internet Protocol protocol.

It’s possible to connect a standard fax machine to the adapter in the same fashion one would connect phone handsets. Depending on the stability of one’s Internet connection, doing so might work particularly for short faxes. That said, I wouldn’t recommend it as if it doesn’t work, Republic won’t be able to help make it work.

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Hi @rolandh,

Might work? Have you tried this? Have you read/heard of other members successfully getting a short fax out or in? Thank you.


I’ve not personally tried it with Republic’s Extend Home adapter as I no longer own a traditional fax machine. That said, the question often gets asked about using Google Voice for faxing on an Obihai analog telephone adapter (ATA).

Like Republic, neither Google or Obihai suuport doing so but folks do report it working. And, once upon a time I did make it work myself. From a technical standpoint, there’s no real difference in Republic VoIP using its ATA (Extend Home) and using GV coupled with an Obihai ATA.

Now, let me be clear, I’m not suggesting anyone run out to an office supply store to buy a fax machine to use with Republic’s Extend Home adapter. But; if one already owned a fax machine and wanted to give it a try and depending upon the stability (think latency, jitter and packet loss) of their Internet connection, they might find it would indeed work. Let me also be clear, I am not advocating for Republic to support this.


You had asked about faxing when we were first discussing Extend Home just prior to Beta testing. Have you ever tested it at all?

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@southpaw No I haven’t tried it yet. I’m glad I haven’t had a need for it, but I will get back to you on that.

Do you have a fax machine?

Yes, it’s not connected. I’ll have to set it up.

I tested faxing, a fail out of the gate. After handshake line disconnected. Possible my fax machine has seen better days. Did hear the other party’s answering machine message fine. We may try again at another time. The only other person I know that had a fax machine doesn’t have one any more.

In summary sending, after 3 tries is a fail.

Thanks for taking the time to give it a try, @littletoucan.

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If you have the time, there’s a couple of things you might check.

Does your fax machine have ECM (error correction mode)? If so, and it’s on turn it off.

Are you able to control the speed (bitrate) of the fax machine’s modem? Slower (9600 bps or less) is better.

Hi @rolandh and @littletoucan,

Appreciate your responses.


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Sorry to get back to you so late. The fax machine doesn’t have those settings.

Not related to Extend Home, but since you brought up Google Voice VOIP over Obihai telephone adapter… I have an Obihai 201 VOIP telephone adapter connected to my home internet and have it logged into Google Voice. It sends faxes (no matter how many pages) flawlessly. My fax machine is an Epson Expression 830.

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