Extend Home Kit for Home Phone Service

I have Xfinity phone service and would like to know if I use the Extend Home Kit for Home Phone Service will I still be able to use the Xfinity phone number and also the cell phone number when the kit is connected to my Gateway.

Hi @richardl.nkx8qm,

Republic’s Extend Home adapter shares its telephone number with a Republic activated cell phone. It’s likely you could move your Xfinity number to a Republic cell phone, however, doing so would replace the number on an activated Republic cell phone. It isn’t possible to have two numbers on a single Republic cell phone nor is it possible to have a separate number on the Extend Home adapter.

Much more on Extend Home is here:


Thank you rolandh for your quick reply. Appreciate your help. I think the Extend Home Kit for Home Phone Service is a fantastic service.

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You could always forward your Xfinity calls to your cell phone. That way both numbers would ring on your Extend kit. Outbound calls would always be from your cell number.

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