Extend Home Kit for Home shipping

I was going to buy this, but when it came to shipping I was shocked at the $14.50 shipping. That’s a deal breaker for me.

Hi @lmoriconi1,

While I appreciate paying roughly $14.50 to ship a $30 item might seem high, the reality is that’s not a particularly high price for two-day shipping. The cost of shipping isn’t dependent on the retail price of an item.

The above said. Republic’s Extend Home adapter is available at Amazon also here:

Don’t forget to clip the coupon. If you’re a Prime member, shipping is “free”. Note if one is not a Prime member, Amazon charges $11.50 for two-day shipping. True that’s better than Republic’s $14.50 but I think it’s safe to say Amazon’s scale gets them better prices on shipping as opposed to Republic.


Me too. $14.50 to ship a $29 item is absurd. Put it in USPS for $7.

What’s this coupon thing? I’m a prime member and get free shipping. Can I get this from Amazon for the $29?

Hi @Njjeep,

The coupon is an Amazon thing. If you “clip” it, you will indeed get Republic’s Extend Home adapter for $29 plus the cost of whatever shipping method you select at Amazon.

  1. This “coupon” above says $49 not $29
  2. Where is the $29 coupon good at Amazon?
  3. How do I “clip” a virtual coupon?

Hi @Njjeep - here are a couple of screen captures from the Amazon page for the Extend Home Kit with short explanations that might help. The link above is not a coupon you clip, it’s done on the Amazon page.

Here’s the page that explains the details if you tap the “Details” link on the Coupon line.

Not meant to be a full Amazon shopping tutorial, but hope this helps!


Thanks! That is exactly the information I was seeking. I ordered the kit and look forward to trying it out as phone service in our home is quite poor. Again, thank you for taking the time to explain this to me!

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