Extend Home & OBIHAI

If I was to get both the Home Extend from Republic & OBIHAI for my Google Voice numbers, will I be able to connect both devices to my internet?

I know or think that both adapters must be plugged into my router or modem. Since I am not technically savvy, I am trying to find out if the router or modem will have the ports needed to connect.

PS - As I understand it from my limited research so far, the OBIHAI allows up to 4 Google Voice numbers. Is that correct?
(As I have 3 GV #s)

Sure. You just need two available LAN ports on your router. One for the Home Extend adapter, and one for the Obihai.

As far as what you can do with Google Voice and an Obihai adapter, you should just ask Obihai.

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Thank you kindly! :+1:

They are separate devices and would operate independent of each other.

You can not have the same landline phone connected to both however, unless it is a multi- line phone perhaps.

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