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What phone do you have? Moto Gs5 plus

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all 3

Issue Description

I just installed and set up the Extend Home adapter. Everything seemed to go OK. I plugged the adapter into a phone jack, so I can put a phone somewhere else. I have an analog phone plugged in and when I pick it up to dial, the dial tone has a lot of extra “noise” in it. It’s not just that it’s loud, but there are other tones in there – maybe some type of static or interference.
Any ideas?
(I also posted this question to members to see if I get a reply)

Hi @nancym001 and welcome back to the Member Community.

Assume you trying to move the handset you’re using with Extend Home into another location using the existing phone wiring inside the house. If so, I have to ask, does the phone line you plugged into have any connection to an outside phone line? This line should only be connected between the adapter and the handset, no outside connection.

Please come back with questions if I misunderstood your question!

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You might try connecting the phone directly to the Extend Home adapter to determine whether connecting to your household jacks is causing the problem.

If your internet service uses those same household jacks, you may not be able to use Extend Home this way.


I tried another location and the noise was still there.

The phone line is basically unused, since I got rid of my landline several years ago.

I did plug the adapter directly into the phone, and when I made a phone call, it was crystal clear. But, when someone called me, the phone did not ring.

So I’m still trying to figure this out!

My internet does not use any of the phone jack lines.

I connected the adapter directly to the phone and it was crystal clear when I made a call. But when someone called me, the phone didn’t ring and I had to pick up on my cell phone.

Not sure what else I can do!

You could check the phone line where it enters at the network box and make sure it is disconnected from the service line of the old landline.


Hmmm…will have to check that out.

I second this. When I had an active landline, I’d sometimes have noise on the line. Without exception, the noise was being generated outside my house. A loose wire, a bad ground, etc, which were repaired on a pole.

The network box is located on the outside of the house at the end of the line just before it actually enters the house. This is considered the last point of phone company responsibility before it changes to home ownership. You just need to unplug the phone jack connector inside the box.

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It’s unclear what the original poster’s circumstances are but not everyone lives in a standalone house. If one lives in an apartment building, condominium or other multiple dwelling unit, it may not be as easy to locate the NID (telecom jargon for where the phone company’s wiring meets interior wiring).

If the suggestions for the noise don’t work and you have WiFi where you want the phone, you could always get a WiFi to ethernet convertor and use WiFi instead of the copper lines in your home.


  • Have any of the suggestions that the community provided helped you in overcoming the problems you encountered with Extend Home?
    • Any update you could provide would provide additional information/fixes to other users and would be greatly appreciated

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